Senna: Shadow’s Embrace New Champion Animated League of Legends 2019

Senna New Champion Animated League of Legends

You may or may not have heard that there was a 10 year anniversary on the League of Legends website we didn’t catch it but we know a lot of you did and we’re getting a lot of mail saying there’s been a whole load of announcements we don’t know how many there is altogether but there have been games announcements there’s a new series announcement that’s it there’s an animated series of two or three different games it’s the vampire champion Matt changes we haven’t ditched any of it no so I were kind of a bit like well we need to see some of it we want to share that experience of you so this particular article we’re gonna be covering the new champion center that inquires the teaser from a few days ago which is get dark passage because some of you said if you’re going to write an article to the champion new champion Charlie you really want to take a look at the teaser before it so thank you.

Watch the Trailer

That’s quite short and then the next one after that straightaway in this very article just goes embrace ya shadows embrace if your hopes for Santa let us know in the comments below on that let’s go for it that’s a little freaky someone lied down then like a soul being ripped asunder here is now it ends now well that’s left me a little bit more firstly for some more so that’s the teaser I got to have a quick read up about this see what we can find out but now we’re gonna go straight into the main shadows and black oiler love it now.

League of Legend bit just like changed their emblem look not seen they’re like that before maybe they’ve done that before that like so that was Sena a more portly from what I could just quickly read that apparently I believe I could be wrong Lucia.

I think his name was and that could be Lucien’s wife and there he was trying to mother maybe her soul was a bit like taken over there I suppose I’d like them it broke away and fired something around him to destroy the skeleton don’t know however that’s a character in the game last night there could well be probably years to be fair as we mentioned already in our intro we not that clued up on the championship.

Senna Shadow’s Embrace New Champion

If I’m being asked we look really cool up on the game but we kinda get in there and we’ve the championships going on yes sir plenty of you actually asking us all week following that we’re kind of following it we’re trying our best and no Roman g2 and the SKT in that naturally there’s the favorite so they’re doing pretty well we’ll wait for this next week or so to go through see you dominate the semi-finals etc but the key element here what I’ve got written down is this is a game-changer pretty much what the biggest things that have changed within the summoners rift so the map change kind of thing is coming live on November the 21st.

Drakes more influence

That’s it and that’s gonna have them they’re gonna make the drakes have a bit more influence rather than just being something that gives you a buff and things like that it’s just it’s gonna make them actually change the shape of the map and different ones as I said you may say about the war one way click the wall one if you get hold of or you defeat that’s right the Drake then you end up the glass can grow so you could hide and sabotage your enemy is like.

If you be the cloud, Drake, you’ll have wind tunnels which you can actually teleport transport traffic will depend on which team does what when it to what how the game actually can end playing they’ll be I mean as they said billions of ways of now that’s just gonna and she said that it may be the first Saturday be the first of her kind yes because she’s like gonna be helping the ones at the front she’s like a support.

I can’t remember the actual words they use right this is the very first of that type of one out of the hundred and forty so we know there’s been pulled out there’s been plenty of other announcements we’re not gonna cover them all here and we are gonna now literally recalled the announcement trailer for the animated series there is actually physically a name for that I forgot our arcane yes so be sure to stick around because with a bit of luck

We might have to get that out tonight as well if not that gots more like what I see how quickly we can get it edited but I’m if you’re still here thanks for joining us anything you can add in back it down in the comments and we’ll see you real soon catch you on the flipside.

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