Senna & Lucian Interactions in Legends of Runeterra 2019

Senna & Lucian Interactions

Hey everyone welcome to new article so I’m super hyper tomatoes for the um this is about the new card game that right I’ve just announced called legends over in terror and I’ve been working on this for the past couple of weeks with mobile ethics you know that I had not worked there properly and this is the first kind of project.

I’ve sunk my teeth into with them so we’re on the kind of beta client at the momentum and one thing I really wanted to kind of like show you is the interaction between Lucian Center there is a kind of tutorials there are loads of different ones or thirteen of them but when I first played this it was like the first thing was a it’s gonna be a sick game it’s gonna be pretty cool that the interactions between everything really are just really good you’ll see what I mean so this article I really wanted to highlight kind of my favorite part about working on this for the past couple of weeks.

I’ve got a favorite part about the game so far I guess as you go into it now I’m there is gonna be an overview article on mobile ethics if you’re not sure what the game is and you wanna know more information after this one I will link that down below go and check that out and also we have a website built with like Kardi galleries so basically all of this stuff in the game that you won’t be able to access straight away you’ll be able to access on the website.

So I have a full card gallery you’ll have like deck builders and everything like that you can also check out the description this is the tutorial mission for evolution and fresh two champions that are actually in the game at the moment I will we’re just gonna go through and play through because honestly the first I was playing throughout I just saw was really really cool so we’re gonna play Center this is the first part so Downes actually in this game she is just a follower unit she’s not actually champion which is a bit different but the dark there we go.

I probably filled out my head so and so I can hear this kind of stuff but she is a quick attack so this is one of the card powers in the game I within it so she can she got attacked before others and she could also be great like +11 and double attack if Lucian is die but we’ll talk about that as well this is another one I’m at last breath create a thing so when they die they’re gonna create another one which is another power so we’re gonna pass that down here had it over to the other turn and because they’re attacking so Daddy ain’t gonna attack and we need this attack to actually make sure that Nexus doesn’t take your damage obviously in this mission running on one health so definitely after Deus we drag it out opposite.

You can line up wherever you want it to talk whichever voice but then that dies and now someone’s the fourth or right so next part we’re gonna go into his turn so we swap so now I’m the attacker and we draw evolution out so we’re gonna put a douche down so this is the interaction between is to see both cards play off each other so this one solution is actually the champion who will level up and he will get better so there is a level up system in this game for champions where you can see that.

LOR Gonna level up

If I’ve seen when I’ve seen four-plus allies die or Sena die um I’m gonna level up we kind of kind of go into this anyway but when we’ve seen that the Senate doesn’t actually level up but it can be a bit different so here we go so quick attack keyword means the escaped abomination never a chance to hit her in combat which means that Center is still alive even though normally when you block with a for whatever.

The damage from the blocker is gonna do the damage back as well so that is a way that she can survive I guess was one of the mechanics there are loads of different mechanics artists in the game now we’re gonna interview pretty cool it’s very differently the attitude to our missions you’ll probably see some of this as well from like some other people as well but here we go here’s the level up system Lucian will level up if sinner dies right.

So we’re now gonna swap so the cool animations yes in here but now we’re now gonna play as fresh instead and fresh is a really cool mechanic his challenger mechanic on this one when we get in here we go so Thresh to the keyword changer allows you to choose which unit is going to block through we are the attackers here we have the attacks open as you can see on the other side over here so we’re gonna be able to attack them afresh.

I’m gonna be able to drag in the center as well block for us so they don’t get a choice we are able to like choose which one which isn’t normal but this is what the Challenger kind of why’s she means right now again typical or I guess she’s gonna take down giving him sound effects forgiving in the double attack.

So now he is going to be twice so it kind of like to make this article too long or anything I just want to share that because I thought I was really cool but it kind of shows you the interaction between the two of them basically with I mean it works perfectly with fresh anyway right but if we actually just go into the card anyway like the if you see sad is for allies as well percent.

You level up straightway become a path we get the double attack Center is basically the same as well quick attack just like Lucien and then we’ll go to double attack as well if Lucien dies in the game and grants +1 +1 so there are loads of other tutorials you can see going through all of these I’ve obviously can play them all because I’ve been working on this for a couple of weeks trying to get everything ready and get everything.

League of Runeterra 2019

I haven’t had much sleep on a/c recently so I’m gonna definitely catch up on a lot of sleep but this is what the reward you get for playing through and you get some cards here the wild card here means that we can make any common card if we want to so we can go in and actually craft some cards like if he is there’s a card you really really want the way.

I just very very quickly if we wait for Draven, for example, I don’t think I have him right now so we have to show unknown so we can use a wild card we can use the slight shard sorry or we can play this wild card which it will make any champion switch Hammond Walker which we can then make and that is the same as that common one let me know what you think of the game down below I hope I gave you kind of like a cool little introduction and play through with the center and Lucian interactions within League of Runeterra which I’m really hot for I think you can make some really cool decks with this game.

You have a lot of fun with it but that mission in particular is one that when I was playing it I was like you’re gonna be able to do some really cool stuff with this and make some really cool what bill is especially with Lucian so they’re stuck in as kind of the middle part interacting with each other so thank you for reading make sure you check out the mobile mystics article that I did it for their channel and we will be releasing a loads of other stuff on there as well make sure you go subscribe and make sure you go and check that out and check out the mobile ethics website down below but thanks for reading and for now I will leave you with you

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