Reddit League of Legends New Update Lucian 2019, Reddit has great idea, a riot point giveaway & more

The new champion is leaked

Reddit has another great idea, the Australian servers are Eventrollier than the US ones and new map artwork is revealed. All that and a riot point giveaway right now on the league update. So as it turns out I was wrong, the next champ is not an insect, nor is he the terminator with glasses. He is, in fact, Lucian the Gun Templar, and while we don’t know his novelist just yet. We do know that his W will be a skill shot and his character model will look like this.

A post on the riot news feed last week meant to tease the champion revealed images of these two guns. Which matched up with a previously leaked piece of content from about a month ago. So it’s pretty safe to say that you can expect to be playing this new ADC within about a month. Reddit can be a pretty ambivalent place at times. And if you don’t know what that word means. let me give you an example, sometimes posts can be prolific and constructive.

Like this one petitioning that the danger ping be replaced by a ward ping

Brilliant. But there are also tales of great sorrow like this post from an Aussie native who transferred to the oceanic servers only to find himself surrounded by trolls. Apparently players in Australia are even wilder than the ones here in the US. As he explains in the post thesummoners on the oceanic servers have a tendency to spam the word STRAYA and interlock the champion of their choice.

For those who weren’t aware Straya is the Aussie equivalent of Murrica.Apparently these players also tend to be an order of magnitude more offensive than American players, which is hard to imagine.

But as the author explains “It just seems that Australian culture simply incorporates higher levels of verbal abuse and offensive language overall, and it’s not something I enjoy.” I for one find this whole thing hilarious, but I understand that other people may not feel the same way.

So it’s time we finally got down to brass tacks here on the league update and fixed the biggest problem with league of legends. The toxic community, so in what is possibly the hardest contest to date I want you to tell me in the comments how you would go about encouraging positive interactions between players while reducing the number of negative experiences that community members have with each other. And if you say “the tribunal” I’ll laugh, anyway the best answer will receive 2800 riot points. And while you’re at it go upvote that ward ping idea, it’s brilliant and the link is in the description. Finally in response to a post inquiring about the overworld map.

Environmental designer riot for science shared some new map artwork

Which got everyone asking questions, some people asked about new map plans and others asked about updating old versions of summoners rift like the autumn iteration. To which riot for science replied “I miss the Autumn map too, but personally.

I would prefer to add content that provides an additional narrative about Runeterra. And even better than that, maps that add design depth and narrative depth.Things that scratch those itches are the priority of the Environment team.”That does it for this week, thanks for watching and be sure to subscribe for weekly league of legends content. I’m Rox Duggan, enjoy the game.

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