New Marvel’s Avengers Game 2020 Story & Reddit LoL Explained

New Marvel’s Avengers Game 2020

What’s up guys? RedditLoL here bringing you a breakdown analysis on Marvels Avengers E3 trailer titled A-Day. And this is just crazy. I can’t believe that we’re actually breaking down something from this game. We’ve waited two years just to get an idea of what the heck is going on. And I can honestly say that I have a few ideas of what this game’s story will be about. From the Easter Egg comic book references. To some of the leaks that pretty much confirm some of the things we’ve seen in this trailer. So we have a lot to go over. New Marvel’s Avengers Game 2020 Story & Reddit LoL Explained.

Now I just gotta say that although this trailer met my expectations. There were some underlying issues I had with it upon my first viewing. And this is something that has made the reception somewhat divisive among the fans. While the graphics are breathtakingly beautiful, the design choices for some of the characters we’re a little hideous. The faces and hair we’re weird as hell. And the costumes left more to be desired. Some of the main characters fans took issue with we’re Thor, Black Widow, and Tony Stark. And this is something I thought would be the case because of back when we got some supposed leaks from a Reddit user. They mentioned that the characters looked like they were created in Daz Studio. For those who aren’t familiar with the software it basically allows users to create ready to use 3D models of human characters. That software is pretty good but it really makes models look lively. Their faces don’t evoke emotion and their hair looks unnatural. Those details essentially describe how the Avengers look in this game. It’s like an uncanny valley of photorealistic and unrealistic elements. Because on 1 hand the textures and lighting look great. You can see how much detail went into things like particle effects. And the environmental destruction looks insane.

Worse Treatment

But its those weird facial designs that’s really distracting. 1 member who I personally think got the worse treatment would have to be the God of Thunder himself, Thor. While his costume looks as majestic as it does regal it’s too busy. I think the design team was going for very Norse centric aesthetic but it makes him look like he belongs in the latest God of War game. And his hair and beard texture looks like bouncy silk. The same applies to Tony Stark who only manages to get more weird later on in the trailer. He looks like he was ripped right out of that old CG short episode we got 5 years ago that features Spider-Man and the Hulk.


Like I don’t wanna sound like I’m bashing the game but these are things that need to go into a design overhaul. And I can imagine that costumes will change since there’s customization involved. We still don’t know what type of graphics engine they’re using. But I suspect that they may be using Square Enixs in house software called the Luminous Studio Engine. So far Final Fantasy 15 has been the only game to utilize the engine. And while it proved to be a benefiting factor for that particular title. It proved to be a hindrance to others like Kingdom Hearts 3 & Final Fantasy 7 Remake. 2 games that Square tried to develop with their Luminous Enginebut would eventually switch over to Unreal Engine 4 due to various issues technical issues. A few of the key features that particular software has going for it is hair simulation which adds heavy emphasis on hair and beard movement. This was heavily applied to character models in Final Fantasy 15 and it looks like its being done to the Avengers game. So if we’re to take a wild guess Id say that Crystal Dynamics opted to go with the Luminous Studio Engine. But moving on I would like to talk about the overall premise. Because there are some interesting things going on that lead me to believe that I was gonna be playing with a more seasoned version of these characters.

The Location

1 of the most noticeable things is the location. Unlike in most incarnations where they reside in New York, The Avengers now reside in or have been relocated to San Francisco. And this has to lead many to believe that this title will take place in the same universe as Marvels Spider-Man for the PS4. If you go back to that game Spider-Man mentions that the Avengers are never around to use their tower in New York City. And that theyre somewhere in the West. Theres also the announcement that Crystal Dynamics will be partnering with Sony to bring some exclusive content to the PS4. Saying that therell be unique benefits that they’ll be revealing in the near future. So this info only gives fans more reason to believe that the games could be setting up a Marvel Gaming Universe. I know I had mentioned that it could be done if Marvel’s Avengers was set during a certain time. And this game just so happens to feature a time skip. The trailer begins with a celebration dubbed Avengers Day or A-Day for short.

We see the team unveil their new hi-tech headquarters including the reveal of their own Avengers Helicarrier powered by an experimental energy source. Everything seems to be going well until an explosion occurs on the Golden Gate Bridge. So it’s up to the Avengers to see what all the fuss is about. It’s from there that we see what looks to be partial game play mixed with in-game cut scenes. I know there we’re a lot of fans asking if there was actual game play. I think it was because the movements looked like they were being controlled by a player. And the camera angle has that 3rd person over the shoulder perspective.


The only thing that was missing was a heads up display for each 1 of the characters. But moving on after that we see a familiar character that bares a strong resemblance to the Taskmaster. A villain who was recently seen not too long ago in Marvels Spider-Man on the PS4. He activates this big pulsar blast that destroys half of the bridge and while the Avengers are trying to tend to civilians their helicarrier is being ambushed. And I noticed that Tony referred to the helicarrier as the Chimera. To make a long story short all of the destruction caused to the Chimera lets off a chain reaction to its power source causing it to explode. And the outcome is catastrophic.

Like there are a lot of causalities including Captain America who seemed to be caught in the explosion. So after this happens the city places the blame of the Avengers, outlawing them from being super heroes. Now I just wanna point out that in the midst of this big event I noticed some key elements thatll be integral to the story later on. And its mainly centered around the power source used in the Helicarrier. As we all know Tony Stark is 1 of those characters who can’t go without experimenting on things that could prove to be unstable. Later in the trailer, you see him and Bruce Banner having an argument. But it isnt made clear what theyre arguing about.

Avengers pose a danger

Since theyre both scientists youd expect it to be related to an experiment that went horribly wrong. Well, we got an extended version of that conversation. Take a look. Do the Avengers pose a danger to society? That was the question, Bruce! That was the question! Did you even check the science? It was a heist, Bruce. We were outsmarted. The Terrigen reactor was unstable and you knew that and you still paraded before the entire world! So what? We just give up?! We didnt give up Tony.

We. . . failed! At least I can admit that! No. We failed him. We failed him. As you can see Tony and Bruce are questioning if the villains we’re to blame for the catastrophic explosionor the power source known as the Tarrigen Reactor. For those familiar with Marvel comic lore the word Tarrigen may stand out to you in that conversation. Theyve been largely associated with the Kree aliens who used the crystals to create the Inhumans. 1 thing to note about the Terrigen Crystals is that when theyre exposed to water at a certain temperature they produce something called Terrigen Mist.

If you look closely at the Chimera Helicarrier youll notice that a strange blue glow is emanating from the ship to the water. As Captain America runs to check on it you see a thick blue fog that looks like Terrigen Mist. But unfortunately, he couldnt get there in time since the Helicarrier exploded. While that explosion may have been the main cause of a lot of deaths. I have a nagging suspicion that it may have gifted normal people with inhuman powers. Something that still hasnt been answe’red is the mystery narrator who sounds relatively young. It sounds like shes the same 1 from the 1st trailer describing the age of heroes and how they needed to reassemble. But there just wasnt enough info to confirm her identity.

Kamala Khan as Ms. Marvel

Thats until a rather peculiar rumor got out that Kamala Khan also known as Ms. Marvel will serve as the central protagonist in Marvels Avengers. For those who aren’t familiar with her backstory her city was somehow covered in Terrigen Mists. After she was exposed to it her Inhuman genes we’re activated she gained extraordinary abilities such as size alterations. While the rumors of her being in this game sounded sketchy it seems that they may be true. Shes a relatively young character in the comics and she idolizes the Avengers. And if you listen to the narrator in this trailer she speaks highly of the iconic team, referring to them as her heroes. And she sounds like shes in her teens similar to Kamala Khan.

The only thing thats conflicting is the location in which she got her powers. In the comics she was in Jersey City but the incident in this game occurs in San Francisco. So theres that. But I don’t think Crystal Dynamics is trying to adapt the source material down to the smallest detail. They seem to be treading a similar path with Marvels Spider-Man. There were definitely a handful of things Insomniac changed in that game, 1 of them being the origin of Miles Morales. His story was completely changed and he ended up going under Peters tutelage at the end of the game. So whats not to say that Kamala’s origin will be changed. It sounds like she was in attendance at the A-Day helicarrier reveal. So she may have been caught in that massive explosion caused by the Terrigen Crystals. She has to be in this game.

The leaks already mentioned that the Avenger’s main hub would be in a crashed Helicarrier. But I guess we’ll just have to see if this true when we get more solid evidence. Anyways I wanted to talk about some of the other Easter Eggs I saw in the trailer. Because there seems to be a butt load of references. Particularly nods to the MCU. You obviously notice Bruce Banner’s clothes that look like the 1s he wore in the 2012 Avengers movie. We see his free fall from the Helicarrier to transform into the Hulk similar to how he did in his solo film and Age of Ultron. There’s an awesome reference to Iron Man 2 where Tony lands on the stage stealing all of the spotlights from the other Avengers. And there’s another 2012 Avengers callback where Black Widow jumps on Taskmasters back similar to how did a Chitauri.

MCU References

1 of the more noticeable MCU references would have to be Tony Stark in his Mark 39 Gemini Armor also known as Starboost. It was featured in Iron Man 3 when Tony ordered J. A. R. V. I. S. to initiate the House Party Protocol to fight against Aldrich. But he didnt fully utilize it to its full potential. Its suppose to be a sub-orbital suit designed for off-earth missions. But as we see the only suit Tony really uses in space is the Mark L when he goes off to fight Thanos. Thankfully it looks like Crystal Dynamics will show us what the Gemini Armor really can do. I know I mentioned how this title could potentially borrow flight elements from Deadspace since it has a developed who worked on that game. But well just have to wait and see what they do. I have a feeling thats how Tony will come across the Terrigen Crystal. It looks like there are gonna be some pretty interesting missions thatll have you on the edge of your seat. Like this 1 where you see Thor charging the Helicarriers turbines with his hammer to prevent it from crashing into the city.

We see a major boss fight happening with Hulk & Abomination. And theres this brief shot of Black Widow fighting this mystery baddie who I don’t recognize. What I noticed about him is he has the same hexagonal patterns on his body that we see throughout the trailer’s overall theme. So he could be a major baddie or a lackey to the main villain. Besides all of those details, we got our cast which totally caught me off guard. Marvel usually hires voice actors whove voiced their characters in the cartoons and Marvel related games. But theyre going for a more serious approach. We have Troy Baker as Bruce Banner and presumably the Hulk.

Travis Willingham & Laura Bailey

There are the husband and wife duo Travis Willingham & Laura Bailey voicing Thor & Black Widow. And these two I find the most peculiar. Because while the voice cast is for the most part different from what we hear in the shows Travis Willingham is still voicing Thor. This dude has been voicing Thor for years and hes was just voicing Kingpin in Marvels Spider-Man. And then theres his wife Laura Bailey who recently played Mary Jane in Marvels Spider-Man. So there are some weird parallels when it comes to those particular voice actors. I’m really surprised that Nolan North is voicing Iron Man don’t get me wrong hes a very skilled voice actor but I think they should’ve gone with Eric Loomis.

Hes been voicing the character for years and sounds almost identical to Robert Downey Jr. Got something to say? Yeah. Those stripes make you look fat. don’t worry. . . well, break for lunch soon. But I think Nolan North will grow on me. The entire cast is really good at their craft and they’ll essentially become those characters as the game progresses. But with that Id like to end this article. I know there wasnt much game play to go over but I think we should get some today at the E3 Coliseum. They mentioned that they won’t be any egregious loot boxes or play to win schemes so I think Marvels Avengers will be a pretty solid game. But it doesnt matter what I think. I wanna know what you guys think.


Do you think the visuals like the faces and hair need to be fixed? And do you think this games central protagonist will be Kamala Khan? Lemme know down in the comments below. It can be a thumbs up. Any feedback is good feedback and will only help me improve my channel. But if you really enjoyed the article it would help me out tremendously if you shared it on social media outlets with all your friends and followers. Sharing really makes a difference. A new Avengers game? Hey! Get ready to assemble for this 1 true believers!

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