New Marvel’s Avengers A Day Game 2020 Devs Respond To Backlash

New Marvel’s Avengers A Day Game 2020

Funny music for the past couple of years Marvel Entertainment has been trying to adopt a new strategy when it comes to video games. Instead of releasing titles based on movies like they did in previous years. They would be working with critically acclaimed developers to create more ambitious games. And that business model has proven that their properties can be more than just box office juggernauts. They can be some of the most lucrative projects in the gaming industry if done right. Since Marvels Spider-Man has proven to be a success more & more eyes have turned to the company to see what they’ll do next with their other heroes. New Marvel’s Avengers A Day Game 2020 Devs Respond To Backlash.

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 The Black Order has shown that they plan to keep the ball rolling. The game looks fun and with announcements that Nintendo plans to release DLC for more characters, it’s only added to fans anticipation. And then there’s Marvels Avengers. A title That’s gotten mostly positive reactions. But after days of leaks & more details, fans have started to grow more concerned with the direction of the game. So we’re gonna talk about that today. But before we do that I wanna remind you guys that this article is sponsored by Beautiful Halo. If you’re a man or woman of culture who loves anime, games, and dank memes then I highly recommend checking out their merchandise.

They have a wide variety of stylish hoodies and other cool apparel that’ll have your friends mad jealous. By using this promotional link you get 5% off any $49 purchase or higher. So slide on over to beautiful halo. com, the link will be in the description. So there’s no need to explain whats going on here. Crystal Dynamics is getting a ton of backlash on Marvels Avengers. Despite the fact that they’ve announced that every new character & level will come at no additional cost. And that the game wouldn’t feature egregious pay to win scenarios or loot boxes.

There were still many who voiced their concerns. And most of it was due to the fact that the character designs left more to be desired. And the gameplay was pretty much non-existent if you didn’t have access to the behind closed doors demonstration. Now although I took issue with some of the character’s faces and the designs I thought the graphics looked beautiful. I would go so far as to say that the graphical fidelity looked better than Marvels Spider-Man in some cases. There’s a lot of ambient occlusions and the high-dynamic-range lighting looks like its gonna be even crisper on 4k televisions.

But it’s just the funky looking faces and hair that had a good majority of you guys on the fence. Which is totally understandable. You have a right to vent your frustration when you think a development team can do better. But some of the reasons for the overall backlash have been unfair assessments. I’ve seen comments saying that the characters look nothing like how they do in the comics. And that this games graphics are so bad that it looks like a mobile game. in my honest opinion are some bogus claims I’ve ever heard. Like some of you must have Mr. Fantastics powers because you claiming that Marvels Avengers is on the same level as a mobile game is a huge stretch.

Spider-Man in PS4

The game doesn’t look that bad. It doesn’t really look bad at all. Should they have shown gameplay to somewhat relieve the burn? I guess so. But it was more than enough to get me hyped because we went 2 years without getting any details at all. But fast forward to 2019 and we have an idea of what the game will look like in-game along with an official release date. That’s more than enough to keep me optimistic. We also have to keep in mind that although we got a trailer a couple of years back. This is like the official reveal for the game. If you look back at Marvels Spider-Man that was simply called Spider-Man PS4 because it didn’t have an official title. During its reveal at E3 2016 that game had a very cinematic look that made you question what was actual gameplay and what wasn’t.

But no one really complained about the lack of questionable gameplay. It took a whole year to see what that titles gameplay looked like. And a total of two years to get a hands-on demo at E3 2018. So I don’t think this game warrants all the backlash its getting. The only thing I’m apprehensive about and I mentioned it in my trailer breakdown. Is that Crystal Dynamics could possibly using Squares in house graphics software, the Luminous Studio Engine. Because looking at the overall aesthetic of the Avengers members you can tell that they’re struggling to find a balance. Like this is something that really crippled the development of games like Kingdom Hearts 3.

Because there are still things that haven’t been mastered in that particular software. Given the fact that Insomniac Games chose to use their proprietary graphics engine on Spider-Man PS4. Crystal Dynamics probably wanted to do the same with their own graphics. But That’s just me. I still think there’s time to fix the weird-looking faces because this is nothing new when it comes to video games. We’ve seen NetherRealm studios make minor changes to characters like Supergirl & Aquaman in Injustice 2. Even Insomniac Games made alterations to Spideys suit in Marvels Spider-Man. So there’s still a strong possibility that Crystal Dynamics will at least fix the faces & hair for the Avengers. Or so we thought.

According to various sources, Marvels Avengers’ creative director Shaun Escayg pretty much shot down rumors of potential design changes. He says and I quote we are always listening to, and welcome feedback from our community. There are currently no plans to change our character designs. The level of detail and overall polish of the character models will absolutely continue to improve as we get closer to launch. So there’s different ways of looking at this. For the most part, fans have been critiquing the designs of characters suits.

Some of the most harped on examples would have to be Thors costume which looks too busy. And Captain America’s costume that obviously makes him look like an average Joe in riot gear. Besides the designs, those are pretty much the things that every seems to have a problem with. But some have admitted that since this game will feature customization it won’t really have a negative effect on their experience with the game. And I think That’s why Shaun Escayg is saying that there’ll be no changes made to the designs, at least for the costumes.

If you look at the other part he says that the detail and overall polish of the character models will be improved upon. This gives me every incentive to believe that the models themselves will be given facelifts in some form or capacity. While the overall aesthetics for the Avengers aren’t going to change we gotta remember that everything we’ve seen is from the pre-alpha build. Same goes for the leaked gameplay we’ve seen. I don’t wanna dive too deep into this because I don’t particularly like exposing too much on unfinished titles. But based on some of the things I could see I think the game will be good.

Especially given the amount of time the developers have to polish it until the big release. You can really see the potential. The 1 character who I’m fairly surprised about is Hulk because his gameplay seems to be the most refined out of all of them. There’s so much added emphasis on his raw power. From the jumping you can do in different parts of the level. And the running on walls that looks like it was largely inspired by the early Hulk games. You can tell that the other Avengers need more work but That’s okay. We have to keep in mind that Crystal Dynamics is working on a tall order with all of these characters. Because they each have their own unique styles and its gonna take a good amount of time to translate that to gameplay.

You can compare this game to Marvels Spider-Man. And say that Insomniac should’ve been the 1s in the development chair. And I’m not trying to take anything away from their success with that game. But they only had 1 character to work with and That’s Spider-Man. Crystal Dynamics has a total of 5 characters and possibly later on down the line. I have no doubt that there’s gonna be some major crunch time put into each Avenger. Like they’re probably working on this game as we speak. But anyways I just wanted to get this article out because I was seeing the overwhelming amount of backlash Marvels Avengers is getting. And you guys have been wanting to hear my thoughts, so yeah.

I wanna know what you think about all of this. Do you think the developers will change the faces & hair for the characters? Or do you think everything will remain the same. And what do you think about the leaked behind closed doors gameplay footage? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below. Any feedback is good feedback and will only help us improve our website. But if you really enjoyed the article it would help me out tremendously if you shared it on social media outlets with all your friends and followers. Sharing really makes a difference. But this was your website Reddit LoL signing out on another article. I’ll catch you guys later.

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