Marvel’s Avengers Game 2019 NEW Character Ms. Marvel Review

Hey what’s up guys it’s Ms. Marvel Review Reddit LoL bringing you another Marvel’s Avengers article and today what I got for you guys here is some official new gameplay for Kamala Khan miss Marvel in Marvel’s Avengers as her hero week has just begun now before we get into this um one past you guys of course if you could leave a comment rating on the article as it shows your support and I’d really appreciate it so if you leave a comment that would be awesome and with that said well let’s get into this.

So, if you aren’t already aware Thursday during the New York comic-con Marvel games panel it was officially revealed that Miss Marvel will indeed be a playable character in Marvel’s Avengers. They revealed a new trailer for the character and they showed off some gameplay for her. I did a reaction to it and you can definitely check that out it’s up on the website. I’m gonna leave a card at the top so if you want to go ahead and read that reaction and then come back and see some brand new gameplay for the character.

Ms. Marvel Review

Because as with what we got with the main five Avengers now we have begun the hero week for Miss Marvel and we got the new gameplay look for the character as well as. The reveal of her traditional comic book accurate costume and I gotta say she looks really fun in this game. I’m overall really impressed with how this character looks the costume is done to perfection one to one almost with how it looks in the comic book. So I’m really happy with the look of that costume and I’m not wondering if they end up doing a new costume reveal for Miss Marvel at the end of her hero week.

Is it just gonna be this or is there going to be an additional costume that we haven’t yet seen before shown to us at the end of her hero week? I wonder but overall her new gameplay everything about the character I am really excited about the more that. I see from her I also thought it was interesting at the beginning of her character profile were at lists you know the stats of the character and the height and everything.

This that and the other it was different from the previous five Avengers as it was something that comes from aim rather than an official like document of an Avenger. I guess that’s because Kamala Khan is not officially enlisted yet as an Avenger so maybe that’s gonna be what her arc is in this game and that’s gonna be exciting to see and alright listen. I’ve seen a lot of the complaints in the comments section of a lot of articles that show Kamala Khan or Miss Marvel being revealed as the character for New York Comic Con and just being revealed as a playable character in general.

Ms. Marvel New Look

There’s a lot of people out there that are upset obviously that it’s not Hawkeye or that upset then it’s miss Marvel being playable in the game. Honestly, you don’t have to be excited for Miss Marvel you don’t have to be going crazy for the character being in this game even myself. I’m not over the moon excited for Miss Marvel in Marvel’s Avengers I just think she looks like a cool character and she looks like.

Marvels Avengers Mr. Marvel New Look
Ms. Marvel New Look

She is a lot of fun to play as if you disagree that’s okay but if you’re complaining over the fact that it wasn’t Hawkeye revealed or it wasn’t this character or that character revealed I think you really need to take it easy characters like Hawkeye. That everyone is begging for and that everyone knows is a part of sort of the core group of Avengers in the comic books will be in this game. If you forgot let me remind you that all the way back when they reveal the game officially at e3 this year they had mentioned that every new character new region and every piece of DLC content that gives us additional things to see in this game will be provided to us for free.

So if you don’t get Hawkeye at launch you’re gonna get him eventually it. I can just about guarantee you that we all need to take it easy again you don’t have to be excited for Miss Marvel but you also can’t be the people who say that nobody cares about this character because there are plenty of people out there who are extremely excited about Miss Marvel being in this game.

Hawkeye will introduce?

I’ve seen it if you haven’t seen it’s cuz you’re ignoring it I promise you that I have seen the excitement for Miss Marvel. I have seen the importance of this character and I am excited myself to see what this character is gonna have to offer in Marvel’s Avengers and if she doesn’t play great if I don’t really like her I would be the first one to tell you because I’m just gonna be honest with you guys but I think people are being a little overly critical because the character that they want to be revealed hasn’t been revealed yet and I emphasize yet because I’m pretty damn sure that we’re gonna see Hawkeye in this game sooner rather than later anyways many rants over I’m now gonna kick it to you guys let me know your thoughts in the comment section below what do you think about the brand new Miss Marvel gameplay.

I want to hear what you guys have to think about it as well as what you think about her comic book accurate cost of being revealed let me know all your thoughts and of course if you enjoyed this article if you could leave in like rating on it it shows your support and I really appreciate it I’m Reddit LoL and you on screen to make your way to one of the other articles on the website or you can save my page to bookmark to the website if you haven’t already please share me Instagram, Twitter and like me on Facebook those links are on the footer a like if you enjoyed leave a comment if you have an opinion and bookmark if you’re new see you guys later

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