Marvel’s Avengers: A-Day Official Trailer Explained Full Breakdown 2019

Avengers: A-Day

Welcome to the Reddit LoL show I’m your host definition Mr. Jams and this is the website where we explain it so you don’t have to those who’ve been reading. I will have just seen marvel’s and Avengers A day trailer drop and I think the game looks really good it’s getting a lot of criticism at the moment but I thought I’d just do something slightly different from what I normally do and go through the trailer bit by bit and so break down and give my thoughts on exactly what the games gonna be like and if it’s gonna be any good so let’s begin.

Okay so the first thing that you notice is that this game isn’t connected to the recent spider-man ps4 which is a bit of a shame I was kind of hoping that they’d have a tie-in but I’m guessing you know they’re gonna kind of try and stray away from that especially with it being a different studio this is Square Enix are not insomniac but you know fingers crossed that down the line they do sort of bring these universes together even though they’re from different studios don’t hate me in the comments and say that’ll never happen because I’ll just pray in a praying never meet your heroes.

I feel like that old say never meet your heroes is about Gaza but never mind well I did and it’s one so this is very notably the classic look of the Avengers this is Thor before he became funny iron man when he was just sort of starting out with his mechanical suit and Captain America when he just landed in the future after being frozen in ice and yeah it’s a good time to set a first game.

I think oh I really do you know you you’re gonna develop with these characters as they do – which I think’s a great choice that of course is Nolan north who voiced drake in the in chart games he’s done loads of voice work he always kills a just fantastic voice actor and have him as iron man is a very good choice though there’s a team where’s Hawkeye though where is Hawkeye Tony check it out Troy Baker is actually playing Bruce Banner as well.

Incredible Hulk

The Incredible Hulk and I do think you know he it’s tied for me between him and Nolan north for who the best game actor of all time is game voice over sorry um so yeah I think that I think he’s gonna be good and he has got the dynamic range to pull off both sides of the Hulk so that’ll be a very interesting thing to read I’ve actually seen a lot of people say that there’s no gameplay in this trailer but Spurs throughout there are little snippets of it and this is it looks very unreal or mental to it and pushing forward as you’ll see in the trailer right now you can see kind of the Hulk running forward iron man pushing forward and those guys.

All have skulls on their faces which I’m guessing is crossbones I might be wrong but you know that’s all his symbol and there are blue Hydra lasers and which might be used from the tesseract okay so that did look like crossbones you know not is completely comic-based look but very similar it might not be if it’s not telling me in the comments below that I’m wrong and I’ll be happy to go back to mention this was set in San Francisco so maybe that’s why Avengers tower isn’t in New York with spider-man.

Captain America Fighting

There’s more gameplay sort of CAP fighting you’ll notice that it’s very similar to Arkham combat I hate everyone who always says it’s arc of combat but yeah this is Arkham combat so I guess I hate myself and this sort of deals with the destruction of a shield Heric Helicarrier that destroys the city and yeah not very nice that is a Terian reactor I think they say later in the trailer and this game is sort of gonna focus around the big failure of the Avengers.

So I’m guessing this is in the opening scene and it explodes they were set up to be fair okay so this is very similar to sort of the vanished from Avengers endgame and it’s a nice little tie in that isn’t too on the nose hobo Tony Stark there he looks like a bit like you know remember lost remember Desmond brother Desmond looks a bit like him Captain America is dead.

They don’t hold that one that is in the trailer and which is a nice flip on Avengers end game you know no matter what happens in these big apocalyptic moments you know that one of the Avengers is gonna have to die because of it and this time it’s cap so get a nice flip on a vengeance end game those who wanted Captain America die you’ve got this game those who want an Iron Man today.

You’ve got a vendor’s endgame that’s not how the story ends doll riding a Helicarrier there into the ground which that’ll be amazed and that’ll be like they’re the star destroyers have seen from the Force Unleashed stuff you like right abomination is here but I don’t think he’s going to be the main villain um those who’ve been kind of you know going through the trailer bit by bit like me wolf I think personally that it’s going to be Ultron.

Ultron becomes the leader

That is the villain if you’ve read age of Ultron this sort of cataclysmic event happens in it when Ultron becomes the leader of the world and he destroys everything and so makes all the survivors machines and the Avengers have to go back in time and stop him which I think is gonna happen Hank Pym was also in another trailer that they dropped like a twenty-second one and him, of course, created Ultron so I think it’s gonna involve going back in time and stopping him you’re so gonna space.

I’m telling you that Ultron that and it’s coming out next year in May which is amazing it’s coming out on ps4 Xbox One and PC so I’m really looking forward to it I’ve seen a lot of people say that the graphics look it looks like a mobile game. I think it looks really good really high for it and we do need a good Marvel game based around the Avengers that way we haven’t had one for ten years.


It’s been such a hot property and this looks like it’s really gonna deliver and obviously I’d love to hear your thoughts so let me know in the comments below and if you like this article then please give it a share and make sure you check out my breakdown of the casting news that Michael B Jordan is gonna be back in black panther 2 which would be linked at the end. By way as well please thanks for checking out the article I’ll see you again next time this is a website for people who are super into superheroes so if that’s the kind of thing you bookmark Reddit LoL. Thanks again for taking the time to read this I’ve been the definition that you’ve been the best and I’ll see you next time take care of peace.

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