Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot Open World Thoughts New Update 2019

What’s going on guys? Reddit LoL here bringing you another game breakdown for Dragon Ball Game Project Z. Which has officially been changed to Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot. It’s been 4 months since the previous trailer was revealed. And while we were excited we weren’t really sure what to make of it. All we knew was that the game was being developed by CyberConnect 2, a studio is best known for its work on the hack and Naruto: Ultimate Ninja series. And that its gameplay would be delving into the action RPG genre.

Unlike other DBZ games that have allowed us to experience fights from the core DBZ cast. This title will strictly revolve around Goku. Making players experience the story through his eyes. There were other elements that we speculated would be in this title upon observation such as free roam. But that was about it.

Microsoft’s E3

That’s until Microsoft’s E3 conference delivered more information. So we’re gonna do a deep dive into this trailer with a breakdown analysis. But before we get into that I wanna remind you guys that this article is sponsored by Beautiful Halo. If you’re a man or woman of culture who loves anime, games, and dank memes then I highly recommend checking out their merchandise. They have a wide variety of stylish hoodies and other cool apparel that’ll have your friends mad jealous. By using this promotional link you get 5% off any $49 purchase or higher.

So slide on over to beautiful halo. com, the link will be in the description. Now there were a few things that I was apprehensive about when I heard that this title would essentially be retelling the events of the Z saga.

CyberConnect2 said and I quote that DBZ: Kakarot would be an unforgettable adventure. But I wondered how could it be unforgettable if we’ve seen the story unfold so many times in multiple game formats. There’s also the issue of this being an anime based game. While they look good from a service level perspective they don’t always deliver a hefty amount of content to keep us intrigued. And this is largely due to the fact that NamcoBandai is obligated to release a DBZ game on a yearly basis to maintain the game distribution rights.

This means that the developers they hire don’t necessarily have a decent amount of time needed to create projects that are loaded to the brim with polished content. That’s essentially why Dragon Ball related titles are tightly centered around the fighting game genre with minimal exploration or RPG elements. But thankfully the E3 trailer for this game has somewhat made me optimistic in terms of it’s content. Like I cannot put into words on how blown away I am at the things I’ve seen.

Pretty much lets

Obviously the game looks stunning but the amount of volume this title has sets it apart from it’s predecessors. Until now there’s never been a game that pretty much lets you explore the world of DBZ in it’s entirety. We’ve gotten a taste of what that would be like but only in small doses. Most of the time they’d implement some of the more iconic spots like Kami’s lookout, the Kame House, or West City’s Capsule Corporation. But they all seemed like they were stitched close together making the world feel like 1 small town. In DBZ: Kakarot the world actually feels grand in scale.

I actually feel like I will have to travel great distances to get to some of the more well known locations. As you can see the world actually has character and it’s vast. There are no barriers forcing the player to strive on linear paths to complete objectives. If I can see it, chances are I can actually travel to it. And since Goku has different abilities under his belt I can choose to fly via the Nimbus cloud or threw sheer ki energy alone. I can fly through canyons or sore high above rocky plains. There’s just so much that this game is gonna deliver.

CyberConnect has undoubtedly done their homework. And they’ve taken what they’ve done with their Naruto Storm series and doubled down on their craft. There’s a perfect balance between the Cell shaded aesthetic and the 3d environments. And I feel like I’m gonna be immersed in this fully realized world. Now I just wanna note that while this game’s exploration has shown to be a high watermark for the franchise. CyberConnect2 isn’t really promising that this will be a complete open world game.

Dragon Ball Z

Stating that if they were to make it an open world game they’d have to lie about certain aspects that most likely wouldn’t be in it. They basically wanted to recreate the experience of certain arcs within Dragon Ball Z. Which I totally understand like when it comes to action RPG’s the worlds don’t always have to be fully realized. I can imagine how hard it would be making the world of DBZ completely from the ground up. They just need enough activity in them to make them feel somewhat fleshed out.

Speaking of activities this game seems to be going in the Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild route. Meaning that your survival extincts are gonna be put to the test. I noticed that the world is riddled with wildlife that can essentially be used as a food source. You can attack animals like impalas and add them to your meat reserves. You’ll also be tasked with cooking the fish or meat you’ve caught in order to boost certain stats. The better your cuisines are the better your stats will improve. There’s an awesome nod to the original Dragon Ball series where we see Goku attach a Saiyan tail to his ass to catch fish.

This just shows how much CC2 is jumping to their toy chest of ideas & lore to appeal to die hard DBZ fansas well as those who appreciate exploration. But anyways lets talk about the interface and the way you’ll be embarking on missions. This game kinda feels like a mesh of DBZ Budokai 3’s Dragon Universe & Infinite World’s Dragon Missions modes. You have this map consisting of the Dragon Radar that gives you the locations through specific icons like in Budokai 3. And there are these orb loops you can fly through like in Infinite World for what I guess will be used to purchase items. Another thing I’m noticing how the flying seems to have a free flow to it.

NPC Scattered

Where you can fly gracefully doing barrel rolls or you can fly aggressively with the burst. If you notice when Goku does the burst the blue bar decreases which indicates that it’ll serve as your ki meter. It looks like you’ll occasionally need to let up on bursting to let your meter recharge your ki. And this is awesome because the player can grind to increase the length of their Ki to perform bursts for a longer duration. I’m hoping the level cap will be significantly high so I can have a decent amount of playtime. But moving on as you roam around there are NPC scattered throughout various locations.

And there are thought bubbles that let you see what they’re a saying. Once again this shows the level of detail CC2 has put into this world. Among some of the NPC’s there’ll be certain characters from the DBZ mythos who you can interact with and undergo missions. In this 1 scene you see Android 8 AKA Eighter from the original Dragon Ball. And when you interact with him he tasks you of taking down a renegade robot from the Red Ribbon army in exchange for a reward. Something I noticed once you find the robot and engaged him in combat the gameplay will still consist of free roam. Like I didn’t see this arena barrier come up at any moment.

Everything looked like it could still be explored and you could choose to leave the battle if you wanted to. I’m not sure if that’s the case but if the battles are locked in a certain arena you’ll still have a lot of space to play around in. If anything it looks like some of the more story focused missions are gonna be limited to certain areas. Since you see Goku & Piccolo doing battle with Raditz in the grassy plains and it seems like cutscenes will keep you in that location. Now this battle shows just how much destruction you’re gonna be able to cause. Like there’s some serious detail that went into this game.


Which doesn’t surprise me because CyberConnect has proven that they can make a battle look just as good if not better than it did in the anime. When energy blasts are shot in certain patterns they can result in craters and the grass is visually singed to a burnt crisp. During some of the more intense moments when a character pulls off an Ultimate Attack it goes into this in-game cinematic.

For example you see Nappa performing his Volcano Explosion and Goku has a certain amount of time he can get out of it’s range. Then the gameplay transitions to a close-up of Nappa completing the attack. I’m not sure if it’s strictly like this during the story segments but it would be awesome if it’s like that during all of the game. Because it just flows so smoothly. And it doesn’t necessarily interrupt the combat. This definitely seems like it’s gonna be a thing in terms of the more giant boss battles as well since you see Goku dodging attacks from Ape Vegeta as well. The thing that I’m a little apprehensive about is exactly how much complexity goes into the fight mechanics. Because they aren’t really known for intuitive controls.

I know it’s a little unfair to question this since the game’s still in development and it’s leaning more on RPG elements. But when it comes to DBZ games you sorta want those controls that harken back to the old Budokai Tenkaichi days. I think that those games really pushed what you could do with the Z fighters. And we’ve seen games like Xenoverse take what the Tenkaichi series has done and fused them with RPG aspects. But this game looks like it’s gonna be a more simplified version of that with more emphasis on the RPG elements.


Anyways guys I just wanted to give you my thoughts on DBZ Kakarot. I intended to have this article up sooner but things got a little crazy at this year’s E3. And I went into an Marvel’s Avengers game upload frenzy. So we’re finally uploading something different for a change. But I wanna know what you guys think. Do you feel like the gameplay will be enough to get us through the redundant DBZ story? And what are you overall thoughts on the open world gameplay? Let me know down in the comments below.

Any feedback is good feedback and will only help me improve my website. But if you really enjoyed the article it would help me out tremendously. If you shared it on social media outlets with all your friends and followers. Sharing really makes a difference. But this was your boy Reddit LoL signing out on another article. I’ll catch you guys later. Peace out.

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