Dota 3 vs Reddit League of Legends 2019 Which is ACTUALLY Better?

MOBA game history Dota 3 vs Reddit League of Legends 2019

League of Legends or Dota 3 which one is actually better now if you were to ask me the same question years ago I would have actually given a chin you know back in the day with Mo Bros with a hot thing and nothing’s lol cancer ass battlegrounds clones oh look another battlegrounds game only this time you can build stuff now it’s like Minecraft just with a little extra chromosome Jesus Christ it’s getting out of hand. Dota 3 vs Reddit League of Legends 2019.

I have over 5,000 hours on League and Pete diamond 3 and I have just about 8,000 hours on Templar site I mean Dota 2 and piqued ancient just recently so I’m definitely not a pro but I’d like to say I’m at least decent in both games which is probably for the best since being in higher brackets for a shelf in these games is a completely different story but more importantly I played more than enough of both these games to at least know what the lol I’m talking about because it is very very rare to find other people who enjoy both these two games equally.

Communities Just Absolutely Hate

Since both communities just absolutely hate each other for no reason at all but anyways enough bullshit let’s get right into this thing okay listen I know I’ve been saying this for a while but only because it’s a hundred percent true and needs to lol change Dota is been dominating League in terms of extra content and sure League of Legends does a good job of releasing new champions and skins at a faster rate than Dota does but ability Draft weather effects terrain effects announcer packs the different cursors Arcade Mode some of the things league players just wish they had like we’ve been reading to this bitch say first blood all these years and how are you guys not going insane.

I’m about ready to run my head through my monitor the next time she says enemy rampage but why is it so hard for a riot to make cool shit like Dota does a lol billion-dollar company seriously like oh no the only thing that can make our lol skins which by the way cussing absurd amount of money Jesus lol christ let me pay with my kidney.

Dota Fans are Gonna Become The Typical

Ah now this is where the Dota fans are gonna become the typical salty little triggered bitches they are there’s only one thing I’ll say about the DOTA community and is that they’re one of the most defensive communities who cannot take any criticism about their game at all I can hear them crying already you have no idea what you’re talking about blitz you’re wrong notice the best shit the lol up this is my another article so we’re reading to my opinion because your opinion guess what the gameplay is slow okay that’s all I’m saying about it it’s so it’s lol slow get over it you guys know I’m right to come on now for real just watch this now don’t get me wrong.

I still love the mechanics of Dota 2 I grew up playing this shit III don’t mind the turn rate the slow movement speed wonky attack animation all that stuff I’m just saying as if I was a noob to MOBAs and wanted to decide which game I would enjoy more League definitely deserves an award for being the more fluid and smooth game it’s appealing to the eyes and dislikes it just looks more exciting overall like but that’s the beauty of Dota it’s hard it’s really hard it’s always about making the right decisions with absolute precision and if you lol up you get brutally punished which isn’t always fun, to be honest.

Adding Voice Chat

This is one topic that really tingles my nipple if you know what I mean now kids what is the single most important thing about team-based games well being able to lol talk to them so yeah a couple of years ago we’ve asked Riot Games the company of big Legends countless times about adding it in and they were like yeah yeah you got it bro we’ll be adding it right away fast-forward to four years later because that’s how lol long it took they were like hey guys we’re happy to announce that we’re finally adding voice chat.

Voice chat is coming to leave but only four pre-made parties you cannot talk to people in your team just people you have as friends have you guys never heard of this Court were you guys late the skype teamspeak mumble Ventrilo cursed voice even lol ChatterBait like how can you guys even call League a team game when you have to stand still and type an essay for every lol call you make trust me until they finally add voice chat to League where you’re able to talk to your random teammates I’m not calling it a team game it’s a lol single-player campaign with a shitty storyline.

Why I Like League and I really respect LoL

Now one thing I’ve always liked about League and I really respect is that it’s always kept its traditional team comps standard and throughout the years it’s always been the same thing over and over which is good because then everyone knows what they want to play it’s clear it makes sense and it’s really basic it’s always a solar top layer which consists of tanks or fighters a mid-layer which mainly consists of casters assassins or control mages a ball language is always arranged carry and a support and finally a jungle who can basically be any lol thing he can be in a son or their assassin another support under the tank.

Whatever that not only are these roles always in the game it’s also great since you can select which two roles you mainly played before queuing up for a ranked match so you can be really comfortable hopping into a game not how to disband the chat about the role you want or you know change your lol using it to core only in all caps Jesus crisis assist lol off or I’m gonna make this point quick since I know a lot of League fanboys are fuming right now but just watch this okay just watch this single TP sub-ground down on the bottom side of course with that free time you can see if I get all five keep I control words bang just picks up one now but it has been darkness for so long on Samsung they think I’m gonna defeat only go back again going for the play can’t he get himself any suppressed the first damage.

NACA Bit of Healing

Ferris steel and here comes to reengage he bounces back first Bloods to go to Sam’s Benghazi booty teepees in but it’s 5b for who does have a lot of limbs to go Baker like little lose in flight the flake remains Kenan they’ve got to now make it three as bang as force to run away he’s chased down he’s salads and dad Hootie can try to bear it recall out they can’t see him kites way forefinger good damage here gets the NACA a bit of healing as well the barrier Papa Baker almost gives himself the solo help now playback with my friend Katie the placing Maelstrom in there 7-0 in the game two more to go Simpson Ghazi’s strength and SPT in the first-come on you know what you know.

I’m right you guys can stop pretending to hide we all know you’re dead inside now it’s no secret I know you guys have heard this a million lol times but I ‘ma say it again because it’s true it is the 100% truth league is so much easier than Dota and that’s not necessarily a bad thing it’s always attracting new players every day keeping the game alive that being said to be fair I said it’s easy to pick up not to master mastering the game can be just as hard as though dead depending on how you look at it you know opinions but the overall difficulty it’s jet it oh my god it’s to the point where I contemplate suicide after getting nectar altered like seriously send help is there even a point to living anymore alright so the moment we’ve all been waiting for which game takes it all the MOBA.

Dota 3 vs Reddit League of Legends 2019 Both Games Suck LoL

That rises and stands victorious is who the lol cares both games suck LoL I don’t even know where to begin with you two like why are you even arguing about this still it’s 2018 open your lol eyes and realize how moronic you are for even clicking on this article because I just click beta – out of you I need views my channel is dying I’m running out of content okay like were you guys actually expecting a real answer from this from did for me from this channel okay you’re probably you hear kids sorry to break it to you like come on guys.

You guys are fighting against each other when we really should be joining forces together to fight the the ultimate enemy here which is a fortnight the game is literally cancer in its purest form it’s like if pub G had a one-night stand with h1z1 and then h1z1 tried to get rid of it with an abortion but it failed and managed to somehow survive on its last breath and now it’s rolling around in a lol wheelchair connected to life support and this is what people are playing this and yes I’m lol salty I’m pissed off because even I someone who hates these piece of shit Bala grounds games I’m lol to playing it I’m addicted someone please help me I want to die please huh

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