Devil May Cry 5: What happened to Dante’s Rebellion Update


Today we will discuss about Devil May Cry 5: What happened to Dante’s Rebellion Update. Devil May Cry What’s up guys? This is Reddit LoL, and we are back with more coverage on Devil May Cry 5. Now that the dust has finally settled for Spider-Man PS4I can finally talk about some of the more exciting news floating around youtube. Which is the leaked footage from DMC5 that has the community buzzing?

Very Spoiler footage

Getting back on track you guys have been sending me a butt load of messages regarding the very spoiler-heavy leaks. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to overlay the footage with my commentary because Capcom could potentially pull the article down causing me to have a copyright strike. So I’ll just talk about some of the more prominent moments that have pretty much confirmed some of the theories we’ve had. I just gotta say that whoever is leaking the footage is a legend because this is the second time we’ve had an incident like this.

The 1st being the snapshots we got about a month ago that confirms that Lady will be in the game. I know that’s been 1 of the most asked questions like where’s Lady and Trish? Like Lady’s in fact in the game because you can see a snapshot of her being laid out by the big mystery demon who I’m gonna be talking about later.

I’m just gonna assume that this takes place around the same time as the leaked footage. Because of the environment, it looks like the same location we see Dante, V, and Nero. But let’s backtrack and talk about a particular character who some seem to be in denial over. Back when the announcement trailer released to the public it featured a rather mysterious character who ripped off Nero’s arm. Based on the overall attire many including myself came to the conclusion that it was Nero’s estranged father, Vergil.

Devil May Cry business van

And there were some who agreed with me and there were a lot of who flat out slammed this theory. Saying that I’m a noob who doesn’t know what he’s talking about. And how can that be Vergil when his body blew up after suffering defeat at the hands of Dante in DMC1? And I think these arguments are all understandable when you don’t really analyze the lore as heavily as I do. Because I can think of a ton of ways the power-hungry warrior could make a return. And this leaked footage seems to corroborate some of my theories. During a moment where Nero’s working on his Devil May Cry business van, his Devil Bringer arm starts to glow.

Now there are several factors that contribute to why it reacts this way. But 1 of the main reasons is because there’s a strong demonic presence of a person or weapon. The 1st time we saw it go crazy was at the beginning of DMC4 when Dante appeared in Opera House where the Order of the Sword was holding their ceremony. And then later in Agnus’ facility when he resurrected the Yamato. So the devil bringer tends to go haywire when it’s close to something that has ties to Sparda. That seems to be the case with this mystery guy who walks into Nero’s garage. As he draws closer the Devil Bringer begins to glow and that’s when Nero asks the mystery man if he’s a demon. Kyrie comes out to remind Nero that dinner is ready thus allowing the mystery man to close in and literally disarm him.

The most interesting thing to take away from this scene is what the man says. Stating and I quote: I’m taking this back. after which the arm then changes to Vergil’s sword the Yamato. Now before I elaborate more on this moment I think it’s only right that we go back to the ending of Devil May Cry 4 and my 1st breakdown article. Back when I made that article I mentioned that I didn’t know the whereabouts of the Yamato. But many of you reminded me that Nero had absorbed it into his arm after Dante told him that he could keep it. Low and behold your assumptions were in fact correct. The sword was still in the devil bringer. And there’s only a few characters who could know its whereabouts, whether it be the 1’s who saw Nero absorb it or 1’s who have a connection to it through the blood of Sparda.

Nero absorbed the Yamato

This mystery man wasn’t necessarily around when Nero absorbed the Yamato but he does seem to have a connection to it. Now we all know that the Yamato and Rebellion were swords that were once wielded by Sparda and given to his sons. They’re even able to bring out the wielder’s true potential as we saw with Nero during the 4th Mission where his power was awakened after the Yamato’s resurrection. Similar to Sparda’s Force Edge, Vergil’s sword could be used to seal pathways to the demon realm. But it also possesses the power to cut through anything including the very fabric of space itself.

It seems like this mysterious figure doesn’t need any instructions on how to use them magically imbued blade since he literally cuts through reality like a piece of paper. But be before he jumps into the portal he mentions that he’s running out of time, which leads me to my next theory. There seems to be this big tugging war going on for ruler-ship over the demon world. During the boss battle with Goliath, he mentions that he needs Nero’s blood to rule the underworld asking. So it could be that Vergil’s in a rush to seize his opportunity to take the throne. Another theory I have is how he possibly got his body back. In DMC1 he exploded in this big flash of light after he was defeated by Dante.

But we didn’t really see what happened to his actual body. Now it’s obvious that Vergil was possessed by Mundus at the end of Devil May Cry 3. However, isn’t specifically shown how he becomes Nelo Angelo. My theory is that Mundus somehow corrupted Vergil’s spirit and transferred it into an even more powerful body. But after the new vessel was destroyed his spirit returned to his original body. And judging how his outward appearance is so decrepit, he’s probably lost a lot of power. Hence why he says he doesn’t have much time. So fast forward to later events in the leaked footage and Dante looks like he’s been getting stomped by the demon king, Urizen.

Urizen looks like he’s bound

Now, these events look like they take place way before the 1’s we saw in the first trailer. Because Nero still doesn’t have his arm. It also looks like they could possibly be in the demon realm because Urizen looks like he’s bound to that dimension with all the tentacles latched onto his body. Speaking of the name Urizen I did some research because I’ve heard the name before. Apparently it’s derived from English Poet, William Blake’s prophetic book The Four Zoas. It consisted of 4 beings representing the different qualities of mankind. And 1 of them just so happened to be Urizen. In most iterations he’s said to represent the fallen angel also known as Satan.

After his fall, Urizen set about creating the material world and his jealousy of mankind brought forth both Wrath and Justice. I know that’s a mouthful but if this name has any kind of correlation to the original Urizen of old then I think we have a good idea of who we’re dealing with. I mean being associated with Satan doesn’t get any more badass than that. And of coarse having characters named after certain historical mythologies isn’t anything new to DMC. For example, we have Dante who’s most likely named after the Italian poet, Dante Alighieri. Or Vergil whose name seems to be inspired by the Roman poet, Vergilius Maro.

And there are even devil arms like the sword summoner, Lucifer. I can go on and on but I think you guys get my point. This demon king, Urizen seems to be the godfather of all demons and he’s probably fallen from grace. I know there’s been a bit of confusion about how the demon hierarchy is structured. For example, when Itsuno announced that this 20 plus foot tall boss was the king of demons, a lot of fans were kinda thrown off because they thought Mundus was the king of demons. But that was never stated.

2000 years prior

Because if you remember back in DMC1 it was stated that Mundus just so happens to be the Prince of Darkness. Totally different from Urizen’s status. What I found interesting is that in Mudus’s origin it’s said that he gained control over the Demon World after he overthrew the previous ruler 2000 years prior to the events of DMC1. That has me thinking that the former ruler may have been Urizen. And he’s looking to seize control over the human world. As I mentioned earlier this guy completely owns Dante, and he does while relaxing in his demon recliner. Nero tries to take his shot at the underworld overlord but he quickly gets stomped out. Now right off the bat, you can tell that this guy is gonna be very similar to Armored Xemnas from Kingdom Hearts 2. Devil May Cry 5: What happened to Dante’s Rebellion Update.

Like all he has to do is sit there and throw out random things like energy blasts and lasers. He also looks like he has the power to slow down time if you get caught in this blue energy field. There’s nothing Nero can do to penetrate his defense. Just as Urizen is about to finish him off with a blast, Dante steps back in and goes full Devil mode. And lemme just say that this moment may have gotten fans hyped but I was a little disappointed. For the longest time, every entry in the Devil May Cry series has introduced a different version of Dante’s Devil Trigger.

Dante’s demon form is supposed to evolve throughout the series and the appearance and attributes change depending on the devil arm he’s wielding at the time. But it seems like the developers completely lifted wholesale Dante’s DT form from Devil May Cry 4. Like it almost looks like a beat for the beat copy with minor touches here and there. Dante has the spiky edges on his head and he even has the huge cracks in his chest. I know some of your arguments are gonna be that this is a direct sequel to part 4 so it makes sense that it would look similar. I’d expect his devil trigger to change since it’s been several years since the last game. Devil May Cry 5: What happened to Dante’s Rebellion Update.

Devil May Cry 2

Why not go with a more modernized version of the Majin Form Devil May Cry 2? The strongest D. T. in the entire series. And if we’re rocking with the form from part 4 why not give us an updated version of Dante’s Dreadnaught Devil Trigger? Because that’s another 1 of those transformations that not that many fans know about unless they’ve really explored the deeper mechanics of DMC4. It has a powerful presence to it that looks just as badass as the Majin Form. For those of you who don’t know about it, I’ll give you a little history on it. It’s essentially 1 of if not the most invulnerable devil triggers. But it can only be used when you’ve unlocked all the abilities in the Royal Guard style.

The form only lasts a few seconds but you could extend it’s duration by switching out your weapons precisely at the moment it reverts back to normal. This was a glitch that was patched for the PC version but I’m not totally sure the same action was taken for the Special Edition. But anyways that’s what I would’ve went with. Dante’s powers increase over time so you’d expect him to look even more similar to his father, Sparda. Plus his sword Rebellion is constantly evolving along with his demonic powers.

Like a lot of you have noted that the hilt of the blade continues to change, most noticeably the skulls and ribs. We’ve seen how it reacted to Dante’s awakened power after he was impaled with the sword by Vergil. The blood literally transformed it. So there’s definitely a connection the descendants of Sparda have with these magical weapons as I mentioned earlier. Unfortunately, it looks like Dante’s special bond with the Rebellion has ended. During this intense moment, Dante tries to block a punch from Urizen and the Rebellion completely shatters into pieces. The only thing left is the handle. Devil May Cry 5: What happened to Dante’s Rebellion Update.

Restore the Rebellion

This really raised my eyebrow because there are so many things going on in my mind. Like will Dante find some kinda way to restore the Rebellion? Did it’s destruction affect his demonic powers? And what will he use now? We’ve seen him using the motorcycle which has been revealed to be dual devil arms. But many are wondering if there will be a new definitive sword. In my previous article, I talked about how I noticed this huge looking object on Dante’s back during a quick close-up. I stated that it was too huge to be the Rebellion and that it could possibly be Sparda’s Force Edge in its final form.

The sword was originally gifted to Trish at the end of DMC1. But since the Rebellion is in complete shambles Dante may have asked for it back. Many shot down my theory but I think it’s starting to become true. We’ve seen various leaked images of Dante wielding what looks to be Sparda’s sword. But I guess we’ll just have to wait and see. As to the big facial reveal of V, many have stressed how disappointed they are. I don’t necessarily have a problem with it like he looks fine if you ask me. I wasn’t expecting him to look like he was bitten by a radioactive Brad Pit or anything. So it’s cool. If anything it’s pretty much confirmed that he’ll have a cane as his main weapon.

This was pretty much revealed during the GamesCom demo something that made people believe that Urizen and Vergil were 1 in the same was when V told Nero that Urizen was the name of the demon that took his arm. But I think that V doesn’t necessarily know who Vergil is so he’s just assuming that it was Urizen who attacked Nero. As I mentioned there seems to be a race to see who’ll win the throne of the demon and human world. And Vergil just might be making some power plays. But with that I’d like to end this article. What are your thoughts on the leaked footage? Are you still not convinced that the mystery man is Vergil? And how do you think Dante will fair without his Rebellion?


Let me know in the comments below. Any feedback is good feedback and will only help me improve on future content. But if you enjoyed the article it would help me out tremendously if you shared it on social media with all your friends and followers. But anyways this is your boy Reddit LoL signing out on another article. I’ll catch you guys later. Peace out. Devil May Cry 5: What happened to Dante’s Rebellion Update.

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