Devil May Cry 5: V Story Analysis | Who is the Final Boss?


What’s up guys? Today we will discuss about Devil May Cry 5: V Story Analysis | Who is the Final Boss? This is Reddit LoL bringing you more coverage on Devil May Cry 5. It’s been a pretty good week for this title. Like we’ve been getting a slew of coverage from personal hands-on experiences with the demo that’s now available on the PS4. And exclusive coverage from more reputable outlets like IGN and Maximillian Dood. So the hype continues to build as we draw closer to DMC5’s release. Today I wanted to give a discussion/theory on V and what his intentions are. Because there’s been some footage floating around youtube showing him to have a very mired personality.

Devil May Cry Agency V

Getting back on track I wanna delve more on the psyche of V because there are some interesting things going on with his character. Now I’m not gonna show any of the leaked footage floating around youtube. Because I don’t know if it will be taken down later by Capcom. I also wanna warn you that this article may pertain to potential spoilers. So you might wanna click away from the article if my theories just so happen to be correct. But anyways upon observation, it looks like a good majority of this game’s plot is gonna somewhat center around V. If you remember in the Dante gameplay trailer Morrison introduces him as the new client. And essentially every client who seeks help from the Devil May Cry agency is someone who’s well versed when it comes to demons. If they don’t they’re not gonna get any assistance than being directed to the toilet at the back of the shop.

V seems to know quite a lot about demons and their realm so much to the point that he’s able to command Griffon and summon his own demon called Shadow. What’s interesting about both beast at they have similar abilities to demons Dante has faced in the past. Like is it just me or does the shadow demon have a similar move set to the lion gatekeeper from DMC 1 who also goes by the alias, Shadow? It can do everything the original shadow can do like shapeshift and morph into spikes, blades, and make these extended quills come out of it’s back. And based on the footage it looks like it’s gonna be even more powerful than the original once players level him up as the game progresses. It seems like if V were on the opposite team he’d be a thorn in Dante’s side. And that’s what I’m getting at. I don’t think V’s the good guy he’s making himself out to be.

Dante or Vergil

He could potentially be the final boss or 1 of the bosses Dante and Nero have to face at the end of the game. Which would be cool because you’re playing out the story with a character who you’re leveling up to be your ultimate demise later on. There have been a few instances where someone, whether it was Dante or Vergil, was getting used for a grander scheme. Characters like Arkham have become one of the best villains in DMC history because of how mysterious he was and how he was able to play all three of the main characters. And when you see V reading his mysterious book of poems and possible sorcery he instantly makes you hark back to Arkham. A mysterious character that can play multiple roles and is out for his own personal gain.

If you notice V’s playstyle you’ll see that even though his demon companions deal out a great amount of damage to enemies they can’t kill any of them. Only V himself can put his enemies to rest using his walking cane. And this is a pretty interesting concept to his gameplay because not only does it make him unique in which the way he plays. It always raises questions to why he has to be the 1 to kill each enemy. Is it because Shadow and Griffin simply lack the ability to kill enemy demons? Or does V have to do it for his own personal gain? This seems to be a reoccurring factor with his character because he looks like he has his own plans. From some of the footage, we’ve seen we know that there’s a massive tug of war for this mysterious McGuffin that’s been speculated to be a fruit.

Devil May Cry 5: V Story Analysis V is Urizen?

This supposed fruit can empower any demon to rule the demon and earth realm simultaneously. Sounds like the ultimate reward to for any top tier demon or potential mole-like V. Another thing that I think is kinda crazy is how V will mysteriously vanish and talk someone like Nero into fighting Urizen. If you remember in 1 of the leaked cutscenes he tells Nero that Urizen was the 1 responsible for taking his arm. And this has been 1 of the biggest debates in the DMC community on if Urizen and Vergil are 1 in the same. On 1 hand we have fans saying that Vergil has his own plans and the other people believe that he is Urizenbecause you see the demon king with what looks to be Nero’s devil bringer in 1 of the cutscenes.

I don’t wanna delve too deep into that because I’m saving a discussion on Urizen for another article. But it wouldn’t surprise me if V is pulling the wool over Nero’s eye. Like you gotta take into account that Nero doesn’t know what Vergil looks like so he’s basically playing the guessing game on which person took his arm. In another scene where it looks like Nero just got finish fighting Goliath we see V come out as if he was waiting to finish the giant demon off. He uses cane to stab Goliath and it looks like he’s draining him of all his energy. And it looks like that’s gonna be the main source of his power like actually absorbing the energy of demons. And I’m just gonna guess that this doesn’t flat out kill Goliath.

V’s GamePlay

Because he’s obviously on a different level compared to some of the normal-sized demons. And in V’s gameplay reveal trailer we see him going up again Goliath when he’s all pale or weakened from the cane stab. So these are things that make V a questionable character. If he’s able to absorb the energy from demons he could be the most powerful character in the game. And what’s not to say that won’t try to absorb Dante’s powers. We already saw V looking like he wanted to stab Dante in the trailer. But based on some of the leaked footage we saw that wasn’t necessarily the case. Since Dante was knocked out for what seems to be a month since his last encounter with Urizen.

And we hear Dante telling V to leave Nero out of it. So things like this give more incentive to believe that V may, in fact, be the final boss. Given the fact that Capcom has been very strict on his upgrades in the shop which I’m betting is gonna be insane later in the game. He would make quite the opponent for the DMC gang. But anyways these are just my theories based on some of the footage and trailers. We still have about 26 days to go until the DMC5’S release and I’m pretty sure we’ll get another trailer or more news that gives up more info on the story. We’ll just have to wait and see. But go ahead and let me know what you think in regards to V’s motives. Do you think he can be the final boss? Or do you think he’s just a mysterious character that will still be on the good side?


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