Devil May Cry 5: Real Life Models Character Details


What’s going on guys? This is Reddit LoL, and we are back with more coverage on Devil May Cry 5. In today’s upload I thought I’d do something a little different and go behind the scenes of the actual models who’ve given their likenesses to DMC5. Because I don’t think there are that many people covering that particular info. Like it tends to go unnoticed for whatever reason. So I’m gonna go ahead and talk about them and give my thoughts on the overall designs for each character model. Devil May Cry 5: Real Life Models Character Details.

RE Resident Evil engine

But anyway we all know that Capcom has been very adamant about using their in-house graphics engine called the RE Resident Evil engine. An engine that specializes in a technique called subsurface scatters which allows them to produce realistic skin, dynamic shadows, and other details while running at a native 4k output. So they’re working with some very powerful software that’s most likely gonna be used on future Triple-A Capcom titles for years to come. And I think it’s mainly for the games that’ll be going for a more realistic look. Because for the most part the RE Engine has mainly been centered capturing that photo-realistic aesthetic.

There’s an insane amount of emphasis they put on making characters, and creatures look real. So much to the point that they go outta their way to scan up actual people and physical models of items etc. That’s been the overall development choice for DMC5. As you can see by the photos creative liberties were taken to scan up human models to give a realistic look to the characters. From the physiques to actual clothing attire which were created in London. And I’m digging this approach. 1 of the things I appreciate the most is how there seems to be a balance of fantasy and keeping the clothing designs grounded.

Like I’m not trying to diss the older entries. The clothes aren’t over the top to the point where the characters look like there is a fictitious world. They look more streamlined and cosplayers will have an easier time re-making the clothes. Dante is basically wearing a zippable hoodie trench coat with a button-up and biker pants. Something that is dialed down compared to his typical look but it doesn’t necessarily deviate from his iconic look. If anything I think the boots are probably the most stylistic aspect to Dante’s design with all the belts wrapping around it. But anyways we have model and fitness fanatic, Adam Cowie providing his looks for Devil May Cry’s flagship player.

DMC5’s reveal E3

On the day of DMC5’s reveal at this year’s E3 he took to his Instagram to reveal that he would be physically portraying Dante. And I think he’s an exceptional choice for the role. Like he has the right type of build that’s not too bulky but just the right amount of muscle and height. If Dante is in his mid to late 40’s I’d expect him to have a more masculine face. As opposed to his DMC2 face where it looks like he was bitten by a radioactive Fabio. It looks like the developers went out of their way to make slight modifications to age him up. I know at PAX West they mentioned that the didn’t wanna make an exact digital double of all the models.

They more so wanted to give them a more realistic look while bringing out their character traits. So this is pretty cool. Like you can instantly tell that it’s Dante based on his somewhat arrogant expression. The only thing that I think isn’t really scanned is the hair. Since we see Adam wearing some kind of cap on his head to probably get more focus on his face and add in the silverish hair later. Now I’m not sure if that’s, in fact, Adam’s facial hair or not. I don’t think it is given that the photos show that he has a clean shave with a little 5 o’clock shadow.

But anyways besides the looks, we still have Reuben Langdon providing his voice talents for Dante along with motion capture. So besides the overall aesthetic, not much has changed with his character. It’s still up in the air if Adam Cowie’s likenesses will be used for Vergil since he is Dante’s identical twin. I’m assuming that if he is then it’ll have the most alterations given the fact that his body looks to be corroded in the reveal trailer. But moving on the next model we have is very similar to the 1st 1.

DMC4 design

Karlo Baker, who’s also a fitness buff and a professional model. Now this, in my opinion, is the model that most fans including myself feel indifferent about. He just doesn’t look anything like Nero compared to his DMC4 design. His nose looks wider compared to the original and his jawline is too Chizzled. And this is something that doesn’t translate well in some of the cutscenes. Like there are certain moments where Nero’s expression can go from being stoic, to downright derpy depending on what he’s doing.

I think Itsuno and his team probably handpicked Karlo to give him a more mature look since this game takes place several years after part 4. And I think it’s also because he looks like he could be Adam’s Cowie’s brother or cousin. And if the devs were looking at it from that point of view it’d make perfect sense since Dante & Nero is literally blood relatives. But it’s mainly the nose that throws the character model off. I don’t think much was changed besides the hairs I mentioned his clothes were also digitally scanned up in the game.

And the actual Jacket has been shown off at multiple press conferences. And there was even a statue replicate with the full attired at the Tokyo Game Show. When it comes to Nero’s attire I’d say it’s cool sort of puts me in the mind of the Zion civilians from the Matrix. Like he has that post-apocalyptic aesthetic especially with the tethered sweater and white undershirt. But anyways Johnny Young Bosch will also be returning to voice and provide motion capture for Nero. But moving on we have Nico’s model, Emily Bador. This 1 is probably the most high profile out of all the models. She has a huge following and has been featured in a slew of commercials. For the longest time, we didn’t know who Capcom was using for Nico’s digital model but back in August at PAX West 2018, they revealed that it was Emily Bador. And this character has really grown on me.

Emily’s Likenesses

I really like how she’s a more hands-on weapon smith that doesn’t mind entering into the chaos. Her attire pretty much matches her country girl personality with the daisy dukes and cowgirl boots. As you can see by the footage it looks like she’s gonna have an alternate costume. Which is a welding smock for when she has to cover up during some of her weapon crafting? As far as the face is concerned it’s probably my favorite model out of all the cast. Because everything came out great. Especially Emily’s likenesses. Although I will say that it looks like they reduced the actual lip size on the digital double and her eyebrows have been dialed down.

Among the other obvious changes are the additions of the hair and tattoos. As far as her voice and mocap actors are concerned there are still no official details on them. I’ve heard that Emily will be lending her voice to the character as well. But I don’t think she will because she has a thick English accent in real life. But hey, a lot of British actors in Hollywood know how to sound American. There’s not much else I can say about the character. So this brings me to Lady’s model, Andrea Tivador. Unlike the other models, Andrea just so happens to be a film actress. And this isn’t her first time having her likeness used in a digital project.

For those who’ve seen Final Fantasy XV Kingslaive, you’ll recognize her as Crowe Altius. A Kingsglaive member and powerful mage. This character model is 1 of the 1’s I have to say maintains that hyper-stylized Devil May Cry fashion the most. I’d go so far as to say her design supersede her DMC4 look. Which for the longest time has been my all-time favorite for Lady. Because the business attire was pretty self-explanatory. She means business. This new look seems to take certain visual cues from the previous versions. Like her signature white button-up, that looks like she borrowed it out of Iori Yagami’s closet.

Devil May Cry Colleagues

And she now has a leather jacket like her Devil May Cry colleagues. 1 of my favorite design choices would have to be the bare ass chaps. Because this shows that she’s just as expressive with her sex appeal as she was in DMC4. And she’s rocking her usual utility belt that gives off the illusion that she’s wearing a schoolgirl skirt. Now granted her tata’s have been drastically nerfed compared to her previous version but I guess that’s due in part to the actual model not being that well endowed. And I know this is nitpicky but I really think the design team should’ve considered aging her up a little considering she’s only a few years younger than Dante.

But I guess since her appearance is based on the duo girl group Tatu’s lead singer, Julia VolkovaThey probably wanted to retain her youthful look. But other than that everything makes her look recognizable. This next 1 is quite a doozy. And that’s Trish who’s being doubled after UK model, Ariana Diamant. Now Trish’s digital double has undoubtedly gotten the most mixed reactions. Because of how weird her face looks in-game. Like it’s not necessarily bad by any means but it does not look like her at all. Which is weird because based on some of the still shots you tell that it is in fact based on Ariana Diamant’s likenesses.

I wanted to make sure it wasn’t just me being too critical but I looked at some of the comments on the Japanese Devil May Cry twitter account fans shared my sentiments. With some noting that Capcom probably re-used Mia’s model from Resident Evil 7. Now as I mentioned earlier with Nero this is most likely is due to the model’s face not translating well into CG with certain expressions. Like I know that the most recent trailer we got the facial captures were from the Japanese actors just with English dialogue.

Capcom team

So maybe that could probably be why her face looked a little weird. I know this is the first time I’ve ever seen Trish crack a full-blown smile with her teeth showing. But I think her face should be a little bit longer, especially the bridge of her nose. Like Trish has always had a unique slender looking face. And after looking at Ariana’s photos she looks like the ideal look for the character. It just looks like the Capcom team may have tampered with her a little too much. I really feel like they didn’t have to tweak anything because the model was already perfect.

What I do love is how her attire looks more like it did in the 1st Devil May Cry game with a little added detail. isn’t as busty as her DMC4 model but I’m not really gonna complain. Her milk motels were overly expressive in the jiggle department anyways if you ask me. Regarding her voice actress, there’s still no info. So we’ll just have to wait and see. Next up is the newly introduced character, V. And he’s being modeled after Owen Hamze. Now I think this guy is an up and coming model. Now and I’m guessing that this guy is an up and coming model.

He has a smaller following compared to the others but considering that he’s being featured in DMC5 he’s gonna gain popularity. Now V has been the butt of a few jokes in the fandom. With some calling him Adam Driver and Kylo Ren after he was seen in the leaked footage. I honestly didn’t think he looked like Adam Driver at all. He just looks like a weird emo kid. Not to mention that all the angles we saw him in didn’t do him justice. If anything I feel like this is the least altered model since most of Owen’s characteristics have remained intact.

V Cut-off sleeves

I think his slim build really helps give off the feeling that V is just a frail guy with a cane. And he has a very enigmatic look to him. I love the cut-off sleeves trench coat and the wrist bands. But I’m not really feeling the hippy sandals. I would much prefer him with boots. But I guess since he’s rumored to be a demon summoner and not much of a runner it sorta fits him. I really think the tattoos are gonna play a part in his abilities. Because they have a very mystic look to them on some Scar from Full Metal Alchemist shit.

According to the IMDB, it says he’s being by a guy by the name of Lukas the 2nd. And honestly, I’m not too familiar with his work. His IMDB doesn’t list anything so I’m guessing this is his first gig. Nevertheless, the voice fits his character perfectly. He who desires but acts does not breed pestilence. So it is written. This last character model I wanna talk about is Morrison. Unfortunately, there isn’t anything on the actual actor who he’s based on. Or who’s doing his voice. I’ve mentioned in 1 of my 1st articles how I think he could be voiced by Beau Billingslea, who’s known for his role as Jet Black in Cowboy Bebop.

But his IMDB profile doesn’t mention anything about Devil May Cry 5. I’m honestly under the impression that he could be your typical NPC who was made from the ground up. 1 of the most noticeable changes would have to be his change in ethnicity. He was originally Caucasian in the Devil May Cry anime but for whatever reason, they’ve made him Black. But his fashion sense still remains the same which shows that they are trying to remain consistent. And what’s interesting enough is that he’s the first character to transition from the DMC anime into the article games. But with that I’d like to bring this article to a close. I wanna know what you guys think about the models and actors I’ve mentioned. Are you officially sold on Capcom’s choices. And do you like their designs?


Let me know down in the comments below. Any feedback is good feedback and will only help me improve on future content. But if you really enjoyed the article it’d help me out tremendously if you shared it on social media outlets with all your friends and followers. But this is your boy Reddit LoL signing out on another article. I’ll catch you guys later. Peace out.

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