Devil May Cry 5: How Dante Runaway the Demon World 2019


Devil May Cry What’s going on guys? Reddit LoL here, hitting you with another Devil May Cry 5 article. It’s been a few days since the game’s released. So I think I’ve given the viewers plenty of time to experience the game for themselves before I started putting out spoilers uploads. Today we’re gonna be talking about how Dante Runaway from the Demon World after being stuck in it since Devil May Cry 2 and the whereabouts of Lucia. It’s been something that’s been questioned for years so we’re gonna uncover that mystery today. Devil May Cry 5: How Dante Runaway the Demon World 2019.

DMC2 Hell?

But getting back on the topic at hand 1 of the most asked about things has been how Dante was able to escape the demon world. Because if you remember way back in DMC2 it was never answered on if he returned to the human world or not. Yeah. Let’s go all the way to Hell! Many speculated that the motorcycle Lucia heard rumbling outside the Devil May Cry shop was in fact Dante returning. But this in itself was never really made clear. We were just left hanging on what we wanted to believe.

Throughout the years we’ve gotten history recaps featuring DMC2’s story where it says that Dante has fully embraced his Sparda lineage. And we got a brief re-cap that vaguely mentioned that particular arc but didn’t go too indepth. So it’s easy to assume that Capcom and the story writers are trying to bypass anything having to do with Devil May Cry 2. Simply because it’s the worst in the series and the story was pretty uneventful with a few exceptions.

But I’m glad to inform you that this just isn’t true because there’s a lot of stuff from part 2 that gets brought up in the DMC5 prequel novel entitled, Before the Nightmare. This particular story is told from multiple characters’ perspectives. And makes many references to previous games and novels, as well as shedding more background on certain scenes that are seen in Devil May Cry 5.

The game already does a good job of filling in the gaps but DMC5 Before the Nightmare really hammers homes on some of the things we’ve been wondering about. Bingo Morihashi went above & beyond to implement everything in the canon and DMC2 is no exception. Just gotta give a brief disclosure that this novel is currently exclusive to Japanese readers only. And as of today there are currently ​no plans to translate or localize it for other countries outside of Japan.

DMC5 Info on Twitter

Thankfully Platinum, the co-administrator on the DMC5 Info twitter page went out of her way to translate the novel so that we can can enjoy the story. So when you get the chance to visit the DMC5 Info twitter page and drop them some love. But anyways let’s talk about this story. It’s been stated that timeline is set shortly before the events of the DMC5 game so I’m guessing a month or two.

Dante returns to Vie de Marli to speak with Matier. A member and protector for the ancient Vie de Marli’s Clan who once fought alongside Sparda. Dante struggles to remember her name, and asks if her name is Matia, which she then corrects to Matier. This causes her to compare him to his father Sparda. She says that he would forget her and other women’s names as well.

Before meeting Eva, Sparda would travel the world and that is how he met Matier. Dante doesn’t have many recollections of father, but he recalls receiving sword-fighting lessons with Vergil during their childhood. At this time, he had no idea that his father was a demon and didn’t know about the legend of Sparda. But anyways Matier scolds Dante for not visiting the island since the incident ten years ago. Devil May Cry 5: How Dante Runaway the Demon World 2019.

And Dante says that he couldn’t because he was stuck in the Demon World and it is not easy to travel between the Human World and Demon World. When asked how he Runaway, he explained that a random hole just appeared in front of him. Sometimes holes connecting to the demon world will suddenly appear and small port cities like Vie de Marli and Fortuna have higher chances of having the holes pop up.

Human and Demon

The human and demon realm were once an interconnected world due to the existence of hell gates which demons use to pass through two worlds as they wish. After a period of peace, the human world became under attack by hordes of demons led by the Prince of Darkness Mundus. Many were killed since humans were no match as demons boast sheer power, and demons ruled over the human world until Sparda defeated Mundus and his legions singlehandedly. In order to close the gateway, Sparda used his own blood, along with the blood of a human priestess, in conjunction with his sword and a mystical amulet.

He poured his demonic energy into his beloved sword to close the door between realms, the Temen-ni-gru. The novel states that when demons enter the human world, they only project their consciousness into another physical entity. If a demon wants to enter with its physical body, the hole has to be massive. Dante feels like it wasn’t a coincidence that there was a hole large enough for him to pass through. When he went to Fortuna and saw the Hell Gate, he suddenly understood that perhaps his escape from hell was related to Yamato. And this is something that makes perfect sense because the Yamato had a very pivotal role in Devil May Cry 4.

If you remember it was used by the Order to open the true Hellgate and here we are yet again in DMC5 where the story kicks off with Vergil takes the Yamato back from Nero and unleashes hell on Redgrave City. So the Yamato is a very important weapon that always seems to come back and impact the story. 1 thing I’m still puzzled on is how it was brought back to the human world because it had once been closed off in the demon world when Vergil fell through. 1 would think that Mundus threw it away somewhere after he took control of Vergil and returned to the Human World.

Devil May Cry 2 Lucia

But anyways Dante somehow managed to get through a random hole between the demon and human worldAnd whether that hole had something to do with the Yamato is anyone’s guess. He seems to think it was so I guess I’ll go with the latter. It doesn’t seem like it took long for him to come back. Because the novel confirms that it was in fact him who returned at the end of Devil May Cry 2. It says that Lucia waited for Dante to return from hell and made several round trips to the office and back to see if he returned.

When Dante did return, they hugged and she cried. However, Dante had to leave shortly after as he received a call with the password. So I’m guessing that they’re reunion was pretty short lived. Dante went about his business killing demons for money and Lucia went back Vie de Marli. Matier says that Lucia objected to calling Dante back to Vie de Marli, but there aren’t many ‘young men’ left on the island. Dante says that he’s not exactly a young man anymore. He contemplates his own lifespan in relation to Sparda’s and wonders when he’ll be considered an old man.

Dante has a rule where he tries to keep his focus solely on a job. Matier scolds him and says that it’s not like she’s asking Dante to marry Lucia for life, she just wants him to give her one happy memory. He says, “My bad, I have my reasons”then Matier scolds him again for his sub par apology and says that Sparda had a better way with words. Dante says that he likes to think he’s a better man than his father, causing Matier to jab him with her cane. She says if that’s the case, he needs to stop being rude to Lucia.

Dante killed Argosax

Tired of getting lectured, Dante changes the subject to why Matier asked him to come. After bantering for a while, Matier tells Dante that the reason she requested his help is because Argosax’s right-hand man, a fire demon named Balrog,has appeared on the island and had become too powerful for Lucia to handle. Dante says that he killed things like a big monkey (Orangguerra), but Matier has to remind him that he killed Argosax. Dante considers remembering the names of all the demons he’s defeated a waste of his brain.

However, there’s one name he always remembersMundus, the demon who brought harm to his mother. But anyways Dante agrees to stop the demon. As he advances to it’s location he fights off monkey-looking demons. While disposing of the demons, Dante hears a heavy French accent behind him say“As usual, your guns are wonderful”He turns his head and replies with,“Long time no see, Lucia”Lucia asks him if he’s aged a little and he gives her a bitter smile, telling her she’s just imagining it. And tells her she hasn’t changed at all, and she reminds him that she can’t change no matter how much time passes. As you know, Lucia, also known as Kai is a mannequin demon created by Arius but was raised and adopted by Matier.

Older DMC Stories

Dante tries to comfort her by telling her that women pay large amounts of money to try to look youthful, but this isn’t a comfort to her. He proceeds giving wise cracks with Lucia and says that compared to the horror around them, he’s like something that came from heaven. This gets a faint smile from Lucia and she thanks him for coming while putting out her hand to him. This is something surprising him because earlier Matier said that Lucia didn’t want her to bring him to the island. Lucia says that Balrog is a bit too difficult for one person, so she would appreciate help dealing with him to finish it quicker.

Dante smiles as he thinks this is a thinly-veiled ‘I can’t do this on my own’ but he’s fine with it as she appears more confident. The two walk shoulder to shoulder to go fight Balrog. He reflects that it’s been a long time since they’ve been together, but they walked together like old partners. There is a mutual trust between the pair. But with that I’m gonna end this article. Dante and Lucia go off to fight Balrog but I wanna save that topic for another article because there’s a good story behind that. And it’s packed with some awesome nods from older DMC stories so be on the lookout for that.


Share your thoughts with me in the comment section. Do you think this is an awesome explanation on how Dante was able to return to the human world? And do you think that Lucia has gotten stronger since the last time we saw her in DMC2? Any feedback is good feedback and will only help me improve our website. But if you really enjoyed the article it would help me out tremendously if you shared it on social media outlets with all your friends and followers. Sharing really makes a difference. But this was your boy Reddit LoL signing out on another article. I’ll catch you guys later. Peace out. Devil May Cry 5: How Dante Runaway the Demon World 2019.

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