Devil May Cry 5: Director essentially wanted to make a DmC Devil May Cry 2!


Guess I get to see with my own eyes Jackpot. What’s going on you guys? This is Reddit LoL, and we are back with more coverage on Devil May Cry 5. This is something that I had been meaning to cover since the last week but I sorta got sidetracked by other news that I felt was more mandatory to talk. Now that things have calmed down I’m gonna briefly give my thoughts on a particular interview.

Getting back on track I came across an interesting article that might come off a little controversial. And it’s related to Ninja Theory’s DmC Devil May Cry reboot. This is something that has been brought up profusely for better or worst. And for whatever reason DMC5’s lead developer seems to have a deep infatuation with that particular title. In one of my earlier article I talked about how Hideaki Itsuno was heavily inspired by DmC Devil May Cry.

Giving it praise for it’s stylish gameplay and going so far as to say it’s his favorite Devil May Cry game to date. And this opinion had a lot of fans divided since Itsuno said things prior that eluded to him dissing the reboot. Like we saw him saying DMC is back after the new game was revealed at E3. And there’s even an interview where he jokes about Ninja Theory having a thing for Asians in the graphics art book I showcased earlier.

DmC Devil May Cry overall direction

So he’s either throwing jabs at the reboot or a lot of things he’s said about it were probably taken out of context. I know fans want him to downright trash DmC Devil May Cry due to it’s overall direction with the story. I necessarily don’t hate it as much as other fans. What I will say is that the game would have gotten a much warmer reception if it was titled something other than DmC. I wouldn’t have necessarily minded if it was set in the same universe if the characters were completely brand new. The idea of having a angel & demon hybrid hunter was really awesome and it should’ve been the main premise.

As opposed to trying to give the classic underpinnings of Devil May Cry a realistic approach. Unbeknownst to most fans Ninja Theory actually wanted to stay true the original but Capcom insisted that they change it as much as possible. I honestly have to give them credit because they took creative liberties of adding certain elements from the mangas & novels that didn’t make it into the previous games. The gameplay was something that shined through especially in the Definitive Edition.

And you can tell that Itsuno took some of the subtle elements and injected them into Devil May Cry 5. Like the slow motion kill cams and the overall gritty aesthetic. Even the load screens where you’re able to practice some of your combos. So you can definitely see that the narrative leans more towards Itsuno showing favor towards the reboot. This leads me to 1 of his latest interviews. Because apparently Itsuno’s love for DmC stems even further than we thought. According to a website called article games 24/7 Itsuno originally considered making a sequel to the reboot before he DMC5 was even thought of. And this is a big surprise. Because you would assume that he and the team at Capcom would wanna distance themselves away from that entry as much as possible. Especially given the amount of backlash it received.

DMC5 2 Million Copy Sold

But I guess he loved it so much he was inspired to take some of the newly introduced elements and expand upon them. Looking at the game’s ending you can definitely tell that seeds were planted for a follow-up game. And I think it would’ve ultimately got that if the sales hit that 2 million copy threshold like Capcom hoped they would. As I’ve mentioned it wasn’t really a bad game if you looked beyond the story and concept changes. It received generally positive reviews with critics praising the new gameplay mechanics. And this is something that I don’t necessarily agree with but some critics loved the fact that Dante’s charismatic personality was dialed down.

Going so far as to say that he was more relatable and realistic. So the game wasn’t that bad. But anyways Hideaki says this. “I really wanted to make a DmC: Devil May Cry 2, after the first one, I was really pumped up to do it, and when that didn’t happen. So… when it came time to make a new game, we said, alright, let’s make Devil May Cry 5. We had these people that didn’t work on DmC and people that did.

Because we had these two sides mixing, it was like alright, we’re going to make Devil May Cry 5it’s not going to be a sequel to DmC, but we definitely want to do what we can to take what we learned from that game too. So this pretty much confirms that Hideaki Itsuno is injecting a lot of elements from the reboot like I’ve stated. I’m really hyped to see how well the different styles mesh with some of newer weapons. It’s awesome that he actually wanted to push ahead with what Ninja Theory had brought to the table. Because we’ve seen in past instances how he was able to take certain mechanics from Devil May Cry 2 and polish them up in future entries.

Microsoft bought

It kinda sucks that his team and Ninja Theory couldn’t come together again before Microsoft bought them out. But it’s good that they were able to rally up some of the members who had a little experience on the reboot. Itsuno goes on to say this“One thing, if you think about it… it probably wouldn’t make sense to have these guys make a DmC 2That’s something that Ninja Theory should collaborate with Capcom on, y’know? It would be different – it would lose something if we tried to do that only in Osaka.

So it really made sense that we’d go to a sequel to DMC4. It’s something that the people in Osaka have more of a frame of reference for. ”This was a pretty reasonable argument to make. If Itsuno and his team were to continue with the reboot the sequel probably wouldn’t be as Ninja Theory envisioned it to be. The Devil May Cry series is already a convoluted entity in itself given that there have been so many hands on it’s story.

But anyways I didn’t wanna ramble on too long I just wanted to share that bit of news and give my take on it. I’m very excited to see how much of the influences from the reboot are gonna roll over into DMC5. Especially with Dante’s play style. I’m loving how all the weapons in his arsenal have their own dodge animation. Like his Coyote A shotgun, you can actually perform these stylish dodge slides. And it looks like it even has a move similar to Dante’s stinger. But with that I’m gonna end the article.


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