Devil May Cry 5: Dante New Abilities Sparda Sword Review 2019


I’ve got a score to settle with that son of a bitch! Devil May Cry. What’s up guys? This is Reddit LoL, and we are back with more news on Devil May Cry 5. If you guys have been following the news regarding this year’s Toko Game Show you know it’s been somewhat of a tumultuous time for Capcom. All of the news revolving around DMC5 seemed to be going smoothly until that momentum was stifled after fans voiced their disappointment with Dante’s new theme, Subhuman. Devil May Cry 5: Dante New Abilities Sparda Sword Review 2019.

Capcom attention

Capcom immediately took the article down. Or so I thought. While my article on this topic was rendering, word came out that fans brought up credible reports to Capom’s attention regarding Suicide Silence’s lead singer’s sexual misconduct with a minor. When contacted about these allegations, Capcom issued a statement saying this. “The music was recorded for the game before the incident came to light and we were unaware of the incident until now. However, as we are now aware of the current situation, Capcom has decided that moving forward, we will not further highlight the Dante battle theme for promotional purposes at this time.

We are also currently evaluating what options are possible for the full game at this point, which is dependent on various factors such as resources. ”So yeah I just wanted to address that issue before I segued into the more exciting news. Thankfully after this unfortunate mishap, Capcom was able to revamp the enthusiasm of the fans by releasing a gameplay trailer for Dante. And man does it deliver. For weeks we have been getting little snippets of how the legendary demon hunter will play in this game. It wasn’t until the GamesCom trailer that we found out that the peculiar motorcycle we saw Dante riding in the reveal was actually a devil arm. It was nothing short of awesome. 18 hours ago the official Devil May Cry 5 Japanese twitter account revealed the names of all the armaments that have been showcased in the trailer.

Dante’s Rebellion

Thanks to Google translate we were able to see what each weapon entails. But since certain words in Japanese have a different connotation in English there are a few grammatical errors. 1 of the 1st weapons to be expounded on was obviously Dante’s Rebellion. A sword which has been a trademark weapon for Dante since it’s inception in Devil May Cry 2. As we all know the magically imbued blade was given to him by his father, Sparda and is mysteriously linked to his demonic powers. It’s said to be very easy to wield by Dante and enables him to perform a small number of the quote on quote ren slashes.

I’m not sure what ren properly translates to in Japanese but it sounds like it allows Dante to perform a wide variety of moves. As you can see by the footage most of the techniques we’ve come to love are present and accounted for. We see Dante performing things from his standard 3-hit slash to a trickster teleport followed up by a helm breaker. And the million stab looks more brutal than ever before. What I love the most is how each animation has been given a good level of detail.

Specifically the lighting and particle effects. Of course, this is nothing new because we’ve seen the Rebellion give off red glows of ferocity in earlier entries. But in this game, you notice some of the more subtle details like heat and debris emanating from the blade as it cuts enemies. Everything seems to be meticulously crafted especially Rebellion’s design. Since we’re on the topic of it’s aesthetic I’d like to briefly mention that it bears a closer resemblance to its DMC2 version.

DMC Timeline Changed?

This is ironic since the executive producer Matt Walker has confirmed that this entry takes place after the event of Devil May Cry 2. Which for the longest time was said to be at the tail end of the DMC timeline? And this really shows that the team is trying to show consistency. If you look closely you’ll notice that the Rebellion has become darker as opposed to having it’s dark greenish hue. Upon further observation, I’ve noticed that unlike it’s earlier incarnations the grip has a rough exterior that creates the illusions of veins as opposed to the usual smooth look. And the spine going down the crossguard extends even further than before. These are all aesthetics that aimlessly insinuate that this an advanced version of DMC2’s Rebellion.

A double-edged claymore that’s constantly evolving as Dante’s demon powers do. Speaking of demonic powers this brings us to our next ability, the Devil Trigger. I originally started in my breakdown of the leaked footage that I had a minor issue with its design. It felt lackluster compared to other versions which visually displayed how power Dante has become in each game. The overall look felt like it had been lifted from Devil May Cry 4.

He has the same sculpt and cracks on his chest that create the illusion that he’s a walking furnace. Many agreed with me but there ware a few who pointed out that the form was way more different than I thought. Unbeknownst to me at the time Capcom had an art book that featured DT concepts that didn’t make into DMC4. And 1 of them was the perfect/ultimate devil trigger. It seems like the design team took some of those aesthetic elements and sort of streamlined them into the version we have now. Besides the absence of the longhorns and tail, everything is there, mainly the wings. Which have these cool looking patterns on them. If this is the same DT form from the unused concepts it’s gonna be very O. P.

Devil Trigger is so powerful

According to the artbook, the Perfect Devil Trigger is so powerful it surpasses that of the Dark Knight Sparda. So that says a lot about how far Dante has come. Hell, the Majin form was already considered one of the most powerful. But now we have a form that’s even more badass. As you see by the trailer all of Dante’s moves are amplified from his stinger which enables him to strike multiple enemies. To his invulnerability. Upon making this article I noticed in new footage that you can now fly for a short amount of time without the aid of any devil arms or amulets like previous entries. But moving on the next thing on the list is Dante’s trademark dual pistols, Ebony & Ivory. A standard-issue sidearm that was made in the year 1911 hence the name M1911.

Unlike the original 1911, Ebony and Ivory are designed for rapid-fire with bullets imbued with Dante’s demonic energy. As mentioned in previous articles these advanced weapons were made by legendary gunsmith, Nell Goldstein. In the official Devil May Cry manga, Nell ran a shop called 45 caliber works. She worked with Dante during his early tenure as a Demon Hunter. What’s ironic is that Nell and Dante shared a very snarky trash talk friendship similar to Nico and Nero. In the trailer, it shows that this is the first time Dante has met with his late friend’s grandaughter as she introduces herself and explains the history of his trademark guns. Woah! You are the infamous Dante! My grandmother is Nell Goldstein.

The gunsmith that made all your fancy weapons. As Dante looks down his weapons you’ll notice the names Ebony & Ivory engraved on them in cursive along with piano keys. And you have the faces of the characters on the handles. But the most interesting detail is what engraved on the outward sides of each pistol. Although it’s somewhat blurry in the trailer you’ll notice that it says For Tony Redgrave and By 45 Art Warks. For those outta the know, Tony Redgrave was a secret alias Dante went by to mask his true identity.

Devil May Cry’s inception

Ironically enough Redgrave is the name of the main city the DMC team will be adventuring in. But anyway it seems like all the common weapons we know will make a return including Dante’s sawed-off shotgun which looks to have undergone modifications. I’d like to elaborate on the newer weapons because this is where things get really insane. The 1st 1 we gotta go over are the newer Devil Arm gauntlets. Because there seems to be a bit of confusion regarding them. Now we all know that gauntlets have been a thing since Devil May Cry’s inception. We’ve had devil arms like Ifrit which allows Dante to perform fiery kicks and punches. And Gilgamesh that allows the wielder to deliver devastating attacks by charging them up.

This new Devil Arm seems to have both of those skill sets. What I found weird was how the aesthetics changed depending on Dante’s action. If he performs punches these spiky shoulder pauldrons appear. But when he performs kicks they’re gone. This leads me to believe that the developers have probably integrated technique switching for each devil weapon. For the longest time, all of the gauntlet’s attacks have been mapped to the triangle button. Which in my opinion made the variety and kicks rather limited at times. With the exception of a few more being accessible while the Swordmaster style is in use. But now it seems like we’re able to perform punches and kicks at our leisure. And it also looks like you can perform specific dodges.

If you look at the trailer footage you’ll notice that Dante swiftly dodges attacks from these demons shortly before he attacks them with capoeira style kicks. I’m not sure this will work. But my guess is that all 4 devil styles will now attribute to the devil arms you use as opposed to only just having extra moves through Swordmaster. According to the DMC twitter page that gauntlets are called Balrog. It says that this weapon will feature 2 different modes, 1 being kicks & the other being punches.

End of Devil May Cry 2

Each mode is pretty self-explanatory. Kick mode enables you to perform powerful kicks. While the blow mode is said to emphasize speed with a wide array of punches. The next armament we have is the transformable bike, Cavalier. Now this weapon has arguably been 1 of the most talked-about devil arms in the DMC community. Because there were so many speculations going around regarding its origin. Many have theorized that it could possibly be the same bike Dante drove into the underworld at the end of Devil May Cry 2.

And others were assuming that it was another form of the transforming briefcase, Pandora. All of those were pretty awesome speculations but completely wrong. Thanks to the TGS Dante Demo we now know that the powerful weapon is attained after defeating the Voltaic Black Knight, Cavalier Angelo. A pretty epic battle featuring an even more epic demon. I don’t think I can show the footage since Capcom doesn’t wanna spoil the cutscene. But there’s this moment when Cavalier Angelo’s armor breaks off and pieces of it forge with this beat-up motorcycle. Transforming it into the powerful weapon we’ve seen throughout all the trailers. The twitter bio says it’s a special armament of weight grade born from the material that Cavalier magic.

The rotation of the wheel part gives intermittent damage by the shape like the motorcycle. The handle is divided into two axes and can be treated like a giant twin sword. It can also be used to run over demons with sharp RAM and wheel blade. In addition, the blade of the wheel rotates like Chainsaws. This is definitely gonna be 1 of those weapons that have a huge emphasis on speed and power. The last weapon I wanna talk about is a big 1. Dante’s once again wielding the awakened Force Edge also known as Sparda the sword. This is the 2nd game we’ve seen him use the weapon with it’s unlocked potential.

Dante used the powerful emperor of darkness

We saw Dante used it to stop the powerful emperor of darkness, Mundus in DMC1. But nowadays it’s sort of become an afterthought and is mostly used by Trish. And I absolutely hated that. If this arguably the most powerful weapon your arsenal why give it a demon who already has electric powers along with her own dual pistols? The last time I checked Sparda chooses the individual who uses it. So why Trish? It just boggles my mind. Thankfully the sword has returned to the hands of its rightful owner. In some of my more recent articles, I mentioned that Dante may have been seen with Sparda in the GamesCom trailer.

Many viewers shot the theory down since the mysterious item on his back looked completely different from the Sparda we’re used to seeing. But the different look seems to be deliberate. Sparda looks to have gone some drastic changes. Although it still has that fleshly organic tissue along the top of the blade. It now has these bones protruding out of it. Seeing Dante using it pretty much confirms some of my theories I came up with in my analysis on the leaked footage. I won’t delve into that since I don’t wanna spoil the story. But let’s just say it’s quite impactful once you see it.

What I will say is that all the shapeshifting techniques are back and look more brutal than ever. I specifically like how the organic demon flesh has this disgusting look to it when the sword transforms into a scythe. But with that out of the way, I’d like to elaborate on a certain character who we’ve been waiting to see since the announcement. And that is the newly introduced protagonist, V. The DMC twitter account mentions that he’s a key component to the story but his motives are a mystery. At the end of the trailer Dante’s business partner, Morrison introduces V as a client. And right off the bat, you’ll notice that he’s a rather enigmatic character.

Book of Urizen

He puts me in the mind of previous characters like Arkham and Agnus especially with the mysterious book he reads from. He who desires but acts not breeds pestilence. So it is written. A quote from the famous Poet William Blakes’s book, The Marriage of Heaven and Hell. It’s ironic that William Blake’s works keep making their way into my breakdowns and theories. Just the other day I was discussing how the King of Demons Urizen may be a reference to Blake’s prophetic book entitled The Book of Urizen.

Seeing that this makes me think that I may be onto something. I wanna delve deeper into what V’s purpose is but I’m afraid it’ll have to be for another article. So far we’ve gotten a lot of awesome announcements like online multiplayer which I’m guessing will be for Dante, Nero, and V. And then there’s the official reveal for Lady and Trish. I gotta admit while I love their overall designs I do have minor gripes. Like how Lady seems to look more de-aged compared to her Devil May Cry 4 look.

She has this weird baby face and her voice sounds like that of a teenager. I know that she’s had a different voice actress for all of the entries and I didn’t necessarily mind since each voice was fitting given her age. But I really feel like they should’ve kept the voice actor from part 4 to stay consistent. As far as Trish is concerned the only issue I have with her is weird looking face.


It just looks off. Like what the hell? I’m pretty sure the creative team picked a beautiful model to base her on. But sometimes scanned up faces don’t translate well to article games. Especially when facial captures are performed by a different person. I’m not sure if that’s the case but Capcom really needs to fix that issue. I’m just saying. But with that I’d like to end this article. I know Nero had a few moments in the latest trailer but I think we’ve seen enough footage and news on him. But I’d like to hear your thoughts if you have any. What do you think of Dante’s gameplay? Do you like the newly introduced Devil Arms? And how do you think the new character V will play.

Let me know in the comments below. Any feedback is good feedback and will only help me improve on future content. But if you really enjoyed the article it would help me tremendously if you shared it on social media platforms with all your friends and followers. I love what I do and I do it all for you guys. Once again this was your boy RedditLoL signing out on another article. I’ll catch you guys later. Peace out.

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