Beginner’s Guide to Know about League of Legends Reddit LoL 2019

Beginner’s Guide About League of Legends

Hello everyone this is RedditLoL and this article is intended to be a beginner-friendly simple guide to getting started with League of Legends the topics that we will be covering are the fundamental basics of how the game works followed by a discussion on champions abilities items runes summoner spells roles the different stages of the game toxicity and some interface tips League of Legends is at its core a game that is won by destroying a special enemy building known as the Nexus conversely you have a nexus of your own that you must protect from the enemy. Beginner’s Guide League of Legends Reddit LoL 2019.

Team as they will try to destroy it in order to win the game for their side if you understand this fundamental concept you are already ahead of most of the player base the Nexus will spawn a variety of small units known as minions and they will head down through a straight path known as a lane towards the opposing Nexus in addition to overcoming the waves of minions that will be coming your way there are a series of buildings that you must this drawing before you can attack.

The enemy Nexus the Nexus itself is protected by two buildings known as turrets next we have a building known as an inhibitor in a lane serves the purpose of stopping the opposing Nexus from spawning extremely powerful units known as super minions what this means is that if you destroy the enemy inhibitor in a lane your Nexus will start spawning super minions in that lane that will help push towards the enemy.

Three Nexus Additional Turrets

Nexus lastly there are three additional turrets in a lane that must be overcome one after the other in order to reach the inhibitor in summary what this means is that you must destroy three turrets in a lane the inhibitor that comes after it the two Nexus turrets and finally the Nexus in order to win the game there is a total of three lanes that follow this design pattern and what that means is that there are three different ways to reach the enemy Nexus under the conditions that we’ve discussed so far the game would turn into a stalemate as minions from both sides collide in the center of their lanes and Duke it out this is where you come in with a playable character is known as a champion the champion that you’re playing can destroy the enemy.

Nexus after they destroy all the enemy buildings that come before it in order to take down the enemy building safely you must push with the wave of your own minions in order to push safely with your minions you must kill most or all of the enemy minions that get in the way of your minions however there is a twist the enemy team will also have a champion controlled by a human player but the exact same goals that you have as they try to destroy your Nexus inevitably what this means is that you must fight and defeat the opposing champions that will come in your way.

If you intend to take the enemy Nexus at this point it’s worthwhile to take a look at how champions minions turrets and inhibitors interact the only thing that you need to know about minions is that aside from getting in their way minions will largely ignore you unless you attack an enemy champion with an auto-attack or a targeted ability in their presence note that damaging an enemy champion with a non targeted ability will not draw the aggression of the enemy minions.

The enemy minions the best way of LoL

If you do manage to draw the aggression of the enemy minions the best way to lose your attention is to head to a nearby brush where they will lose vision of you and switch to other targets as for your interactions with enemy turrets the only thing that you will need to know is that they will largely ignore you and focus the nearby minions unless you are the only one around or if you damage an enemy champion in their presence one thing that might not be obvious is that if you hit an enemy champion with an ability that deals damage over time the turret will attack you.

If you get within its range while your ability is still dealing damage to the enemy champion when it comes time to destroy enemy turrets it’s important to note that turrets take reduced damage if you have no allied minions nearby while you can attempt to take down turrets with our minions it is usually very difficult the easiest way to take down turrets is to bring your waiver minions with you the presence of even one minion will allow you to deal full damage to enemy turrets as for inhibitors all you really need to know is that destroying them will grant you a five-minute window where your Nexus will spawn super minions in the lane of that inhibitor at the end of that five minutes.

The inhibitor will respawn and must be destroyed again the Nexus turrets that come after the inhibitor are not that different from the turrets that come before them once again you’ll want to use a minion wave to take them down and lastly before the inhibitors have a chance to respond you will want to destroy the Nexus in order to win the game now that you know the fundamentals of the game let’s talk about the playable characters known as champions there are over 130 champions to choose from and they are all defined along five key attributes that they possess to varying degrees first up we have damage which can be dealt with opponents in three different ways.

3 Damage way in a very short time

It can come in the form of burst damage which is an extremely high amount of damage dealt over a very short time frame first time which is great for killing fragile targets instantaneously damage can also come in the form of sustained damage output which means moderate to high damage dealt continuously over a long period of time this kind of damage output is essential for taking down tough targets who can absorb a lot of damage there is also artillery damage which is essentially damage output that has an extremely long range.

Artillery damage can wear down opponents crippling them before they can get in range to be a threat the next defining attribute is toughness this is how much damage a champion can absorb before they get taken down champions can be hard to kill in three different ways one way is they’re able to reduce incoming damage by stacking up on items that mitigate various kinds of damage another way so the champion has some means of regenerating lost health allowing them to stay in the fight longer lastly a champion might have an ability that grants them extremely high damage mitigation for a very brief window of time the next defining.

Attribute is crowd control which is a measure of how well a champion can disrupt or incapacitate of the champions while there are many different kinds of crowd control available you only need to understand two different types first we have soft crowd control which hinders but does not prevent the movement of enemy champions and then there is hard crowd control which completely immobilizes the targeted champion the next defining attribute is mobility it’s a measure of the speed and distance a champion can cover on the map and how frequently they can do it.

Three ways for champions move around

There are three different ways the champions can move around the map the first way is to simply walk from point A to point B with their base must be champions to fall into this category are considered immobile next we have dramatically increased movement speed sustained over a long duration which is one of the best ways to cover a large distance on the map another form of mobility is for champions to reposition themselves near instantaneously ability is to provide a champion with the means to reposition themselves are much more difficult to play around champions that have a means to increase their movement speed or at least one way to reposition themselves are considered to have moderate mobility while this can be great for closing in on a single target.

The main downside is that opponents can often see you coming and find a way to play around your movement the highest form of mobility is for champions to have the means to reposition themselves multiple times in a short timeframe champions with high mobility are some of the most difficult and most dangerous champions in the game it is extremely difficult to predict the movement of highly mobile champions which makes them nearly impossible to outplay when they’re in the right hands these champions can often slip into and out of dangerous situations the last defining attribute is utility which is a measure of how well a champion can keep their allies alive or make them more powerful.

Utility can be provided in one of five ways you can buff an ally to improve their damage output and grant them increase mobility you can provide a shield that reduces or completely nullifies incoming damage you can heal an ally restoring health that they’ve lost you can separate an opponent from an ally this is known as peeling and lastly you can provide and secure vision on unseen areas of the map preventing unfortunate encounters with enemy champions various combinations of these attributes give rise to the six main classes of champions they are assassin mage marksman tank support and fighter assassins are a class of champions known for their high birth damage and moderate to high mobility they excel at closing the distance towards priority targets and killing them quickly.

Escape from the dangerous place

If you enjoyed the thrill of diving into the enemy team picking off a priority target then trying to make your escape you will enjoy the dangerous place to all of assassins players often feel helpless against the assassins who are picking them off and for some reason the despair of your opponents makes this place dull even more enjoyable to play if you want to play an assassin I’d recommend trying out Nocturne his main selling point is that with the press of a button he can get on top of any target on the enemy team at which point he can start attacking them while hitting them with hard crowd control preventing them from fighting back the mage plants of Champions do magic damage to their opponents through the use of their abilities.

The vast majority of them have some kind of hard crowd control that they use to set up the rest of their abilities burst mages specialize in dealing a large chunk of damage in a very short time frame lack of mobility is the only reason they’re not considered assassins if you want to get started with burst damage mages and he serves as a great introduction her main selling point is that her passive is a stunt that she can use to set up the rest of her abilities killing fragile targets instantly additionally she has spells that regenerate mana making lasting minions easier there will be more on what lessening is later opponents will often complain about how easy any is compared to how easily she kills people and that just makes her even more fun to play battle make is still a high amount of damage to the enemy.

Team over an extended duration they often have some aspect of their kit that allows them to deal continuous damage to one extended team fight as an example Karthus scene in the background here is a champion who can continue fighting the enemy team even after he dies if you want to play a battle mage and recommend learning Karthus his main selling point is that he has an extremely powerful ability that can strike champions no matter where they are on the map.

Very gratifying artillery mages

The sense of doom and despair that your opponents will feel as you bring down that upon them will be very gratifying artillery mages can wear down opponents from a safe distance by attacking them with their long-range abilities if they manage to land all three abilities on a single fragile target they can often kill them if you want to play an artillery mage I would recommend picking up Lux her main selling point is that all of our abilities have a very long range and she can fire a huge-ass laser.

Lux is easily one of the most fun champions in this game marksmen are a class of champions who can put out sustained damage output through their basic attacks it does take them a while to get there but eventually they will have the highest sustained damage output in the game as a trade-off all of them are very fragile and most are immobile if you want to get started with the marksmen class at recommend picking up Caitlyn her main selling point is that our basic attack has an extremely long-range which makes it very easy to attack other champions and run away before they have a chance retaliate marksmen also come in the castle variety which means they place a great emphasis on their ability to deal damage often a great range.

If you want to get started with caster based marksman the best place to start is Miss Fortune her main selling point is that she has a very intuitive and beginner-friendly set of abilities and she has the ability to gun down the entire enemy team lastly there are also utility of marksman who has abilities that help their team immense if you want to play utility of marksman.

Recommend picks

I would recommend picking up ash her main selling point is that whether she’s ahead or behind she’s always useful to her team she can scout for her team slow the entire enemy team and she can even fire a huge-ass arrow stunning the guy who’s carrying the enemy team allowing her team to win the team fight the tank class of champions are known for two things they are very tough to kill which means they can absorb a lot of damage and they bring a lot of crowd control which means they’re good at tying up members of the enemy team offensive tanks to initiate team fights for their team are known as bank guards and they come in two varieties.

The press r2 when tank is an offensive tank who has only one job press the R button at the right time and right place to start a team fight that is in your team’s favor the simplest press is to win tank in the game is Malphite his main selling point is that with the press of a button he can dash into the enemy team and knock them all into the air as a bonus he’s also great at absorbing physical damage there are also offensive tanks who can engage on the enemy team through the use of their basic abilities the benefit of this playstyle is that if you fail the engage you can try again a short while later.

Strongly recommend for playing with Rammus

I strongly recommend Rammus for playing this style of tank his main selling point is that his initiation pattern is to simply roll into the enemy team at high speed and force a target on the enemy team to attack him at which point the rest of his team kills that priority target if you want to play a tank they can engage on the enemy team but don’t want to bet it all on one ultimate that’s on a long cooldown try out ramus you have nothing else you’ll love rolling around the map at high speeds defensive tanks who focus on saving their allies are known as wardens they too come in two varieties the press R to save tanks can save their allies and frustrate their opponents with the press of a button.

The best champion to get started with on this playstyle is Shen Shen is not the easiest champion to play his main selling point however is that with the press of a button he can join as allies anywhere on the map and dash into the enemy team to force him to attack him instead of his allies now things can still go wrong when you’re relying on just one ability with a very long cooldown to save your allies which is why there are also defensive tanks you can use our basic abilities to save their allies.

Papi Smash People

if you want to get started with this style of 10 try out Papi her main selling point is that she can smash people into walls with her giant hammer and she has an ability that will interrupt anyone trying to – in her presence this is really powerful for stopping enemy champions who are trying to dive into your allies the support class of champions are known for their utility and crowd control unlike the other classes of champions their gameplay revolves around their allies the encounter class of supports are known for buffing their allies making it easier for their allies to kill opponents and making it harder for opponents to kill their allies Jonna serves as an excellent introduction to the enchanter class of supports the selling point of Jonna is that she’s great like keeping allies alive even when they’re doing really stupid things to get themselves killed.

Oh well played Jonna is incredibly frustrating to play against the catcher style of supports have a much more offensive playstyle these supports actively look for a way to lock down opponents on the enemy team so that their allies can kill them the mere presence of one of these supports acts as an intense threat that alters the way the enemy team plays the best place to get started with the catcher style of supports is Blitzcrank the selling point of blitzkrieg is that he has a game-changing basic ability that allows him to grab opponents and bring them towards his team grab the guy who is carrying the enemy team.

Knock him up into the air and silence him as your team kills him the fighter class of champions are known for their short-range high damage and toughness this puts them on the unique position of being capable of soaking up a lot of damage while being a significant threat they come in three varieties doulas juggernauts and divers the Duelist class of champions tends to excel at one-on-one combat with other champions they are however weak against crowd control which is why they do better away from team fights.

Recommend picks

If you want to get started with duelist I would strongly recommend picking up Tryndamere his selling point is that he has an ability that prevents him from dying for 5 seconds this is why so many people who play League of Legends have gone through a phase where they believe try damage was overpowered the juggernaut class of champions are known for dealing a lot of damage and being very tough while they do not have a damage output of duelist marksman or mages their durability more than makes up for it they’re often the biggest threat in a team fight and they draw the most focus fire if you want to get started with juggernauts.

I strongly recommend Garren he has a very simple playstyle and the selling point is that he can absorb a lot of damage run out of the fight to heal up and then go right back in for more fighting also killing someone with Garrett’s ultimate is extremely gratifying our last class of fighters are divers these are short-range high damage champions who specialized in diving on to the enemy team while there might not be as durable as juggernauts they are excellent at locking down priority targets on the enemy team allowing their team to finish them off if you want to learn how to play divers.

I strongly recommend picking up Pantheon his biggest selling point is that he can stun opponents with the press of a button which often lead to them getting killed if he gets far enough ahead he can combine this with his ultimate initiating a team fight for his team now let’s talk about champion abilities the vast majority of champions have one passive three basic abilities and one ultimate ability that’s on a long cooldown our champions passive often dictates how they should weave their abilities together as an example Lux has a passive that allows her to deal bonus damage to opponents after she’s hit them with an ability which is why Luxury trying to get in a basic attack after using one of her abilities.

Single Champion in The Game

While there are many different kinds of abilities every single champion in the game has at least one basic ability that improves their survivability this can come with the form of damage reduction a dash increase movement speed a slope a shield and many other varieties of defensive abilities while it is great to have allies that will look out for you do not depend on them to keep you alive prioritize using your defensive abilities to keep yourself alive now you might be wondering what order should I level up my abilities in in general you’ll want to level up your ultimate first as that is your strongest ability followed by the basic ability that you use the most often which tends to be Q after that you max double your e once again in the order that you rely upon them.

Now let’s talk about itemization always use the recommended items for your champion as the starting point for your bills now it’s out of that you can decide what to build on a given champion by looking at the description of their abilities to see the words critical strike chance on the champions abilities or passive that implies that this champion probably does well with items that provide critical strike chance as a stat if you see orange color text in a champion’s abilities that let you know that the champion’s abilities get stronger as you build attack time items.

If you see green color tanks and a champions abilities that lets you know that this champions abilities get stronger as they both ability power items if you see yellow-colored text in a champions abilities that lets you know that this champion gets stronger as you build armor items if you see pink colored text in a champion’s abilities that let you know that these champions abilities get stronger and she build magic resist items if you see red-colored text referring to their own health in a champion’s abilities that lets you know that champions abilities get stronger as they build.

Blue colored text

Items that have helped if you see blue colored text in the description of a champions abilities that lets you know that they’re championing abilities get stronger as you build items that have mana as an example of this color scheme at work note that both ribbon and Nautilus have abilities that provide them with shields however ribbon shields kill to the tag damage so she builds attack damage to make it stronger and Nautilus the shield skills with health so he builds helped items to make a shield stronger now on an important note there are a lot of old champions with very high ability powers in their kit take a look at the recommended items and if you do not see any ability power in the recommended items then you know it’s one of those champions yes ability power will make Ramesses power ball very strong but do not build a building power on ramus.

It will not help him tank damage which is his job now you are going to see a lot of champions that have multicolored text in their abilities as an example Galgo has a lot of green text and some pink text in the description of the scaling of his abilities all this means is that you can build either stat and it’s perfectly fine galio can build both ability power and magic resistance now let’s talk briefly about vision all you need to know is that trinkets placed in brushes grant you vision of opponents inside the brush that you would otherwise not have as an example cannon here is not able to attack the opponent inside the brush until he has vision of the opponent with the help of the ward.

There are also control wards which simply disable your opponent’s wards you probably won’t have a whole lot of use for them right now but they will come in handy as you reach higher levels as in this example where Kasich secured submission of a brush with the control ward and Leasing has no idea Kha’zix is lying in wait for him and the result is that cossacks can’t just listen by surprise and kills him now let’s talk about the various room pages do not worry about finely-tuned room pages for now playing a duelist or a marksman take the default position rune page.

Domination rune

If you’re playing an assassin a burst mate or a diver take the domination rune page if you’re playing a battle mage artillery made or enchant your support take the sorcery rune page if you’re playing a juggernaut tank or catch your support take the Colossus rune page these rune pages are not perfect for every champion but they will get the job done now let’s talk about summoner spells when you start the game your only escape summoner spell is going to be ghost and that is perfectly fine but as soon as she can unlock it you will want to start using flash in place of ghost in the vast majority of cases the ability to quickly reposition yourself with flash is much more valuable than the moderate mobility increase that is provided by ghost as for your other summoner spell go with igniting if your priority is to be able to kill people more easily or take the summoner spell heal.

If you want to prioritize survival lastly there is smite if you end up in the jungle more wrong with the jungle is later the other summoner spells that you see have their merits but don’t worry about them for now when it comes to who goes where you’re going to have one champion of the top lane one champion of the mid lane two champions in the bottom Lane and one champion in the jungle the jungle happens to be the entire area between all the lanes the jungle is the wild-card in a game of League and can influence lanes by ambushing opponents in a process known as ganking there are also extremely powerful neutral monsters on either side of the map in the river the dragons on the bottom side of the river can buff an entire team if they happen to kill the dragon.

The dragons tend to be a high priority which is why there’s two champions on the bottom side of the map and one champion on the top side it just means that there are more champions in the area to fight over the dragon the neutral monsters in the river on the top side of the map spawn much later in the game and are much harder to kill the smaller monster known as the rift herald can help a team take down turrets and the larger monster known as baron Bashor can buff an entire team a lot of games are easily lost by fighting over the buff provided by Baron Asher.

Buff extremely helpful

While the buff is extremely helpful you don’t actually need it to destroy the enemy Nexus the game can be divided into three separate phases first we have the early game which is from the moment the game starts until the first tower falls during this phase the players in all five roles should focus on them else the primary goal should be to acquire gold in order to buy items that will make them more powerful and acquire experience in order to level up at which point they unlock new abilities and improve their base stats in order to gain gold and experience you’ll want to be the one the deals finishing blows to minions in a process known as last-hitting or you’ll want to kill or assist in killing enemy champions conversely you do not want to miss out on potential goals and experience so try to avoid dying.

If your opponent forces you to retreat from lasting minions don’t worry you will still get the experience at the minions to die near you but jungle will be getting most of his gold and experience by killing monsters inside the jungle they can also kill champions by ambushing them in lane or even going after the opposing Jungler Jungling itself is a very complex topic that will be covered in another article the early game officially ends the moment the first Tower Falls we have now officially entered phase 2 which is the mid-game if it is your tower that has fallen or if you feel that you are behind don’t sweat it.

It’s really not that big of a deal while players should still try to get as much gold and experience as they can they now need to prioritize the objectives or winning the game the imbalance created by a fallen tower allows players who are doing well in their Lane to move to other lanes where they can overwhelm their opponents with power in numbers this movement between lanes is known as rotating and you need to watch out for this during the mid-game while it might be tempting to stay in a lane where you’ve fallen behind and play a game of catch up against your lane opponent tube might be ahead it is much more important to group up with your team during this phase.

Opponents grouping

Because your opponents are going to be grouping up on parts of the map and trying to force down your turrets at the same time if you see enemy minions or a solo enemy champion trying to push down your turrets be sure to put a stop to it during the mid-game there will be a lot of team fights over turrets and Dragons so be sure to be there for your team before you are needed the transition from mid-game to late-game happens when the loss of one or two players on a team can result in the loss of a base turret and the inhibitor behind it notice that how soon the lake arrives depends on how evenly matched the teams are if both teams are evenly matched the mid-game can drag on considerably as in this game.

Here where the two teams are still fighting or the outer turrets beyond the 20-minute mark however if one team is massively ahead the late-game can arrive much sooner than expected as in this example with a loss of Darius and Camille for the blue team result in the loss of a baster and inhibitor as they are unable to stop the advancing enemy team notice that was just past 16 minutes into this game during the late game the team that is on the defensive should focus on farming of the minions that will be flowing towards her base they should prioritize defending the buildings inside their base abandoning all turrets outside and if at all possible they should try to contest the barrage of the enemy team make a move for it.

The team that is ahead has the option of picking up the Baron buff in order to buff their damage output ultimately their priority at this point should be to break into the enemy base and destroy the enemy Nexus keep in mind this is largely a team effort and how well you did individually is not that big of a deal now let’s talk about toxicity every gaming community has a demographic that is largely unpleasant you are bound to run into them and League on the enemy team and on your team people are going to be flaming you for the smallest things it’s going to happen at some point and you have to expect it my advice is to never respond to the people that actually attack you because they’re just looking for a response and if you give them one they went engaging them is simply a waste of time and if they are bothering you you can mute them by hitting tab and clicking the sound icon next to their name.

Should make this game more enjoyable

This should make the game a lot more enjoyable as a whole now let’s go over some changes for the games interface that I was strongly recommend in order to make the game easier to play keeping your camera locked might make it easier to keep track of where your champion is but you’ll want to unlock the camera as soon as possible as is much more important to have greater vision of the area around you this will be challenging at first but eventually you will get the hang of it range indicators are on by default which means when you activate an ability you press down on a key direct where you want it to go with the males then release the key to use the ability once you are familiar with the range of a champion’s abilities.

It’s a good idea to turn this off so that your abilities activate when you press the key down you’re essentially giving a fine-tuned control of your abilities in exchange for being able to use them faster by default when you use items that require targeting you’ll have to press the key that corresponds to the item and then left click with the mouse in order to activate it on the target it’s a good idea to activate quick cast also that the key that corresponds to your item will activate that item against whatever target happens to be under your mouse cursor at the time this will make it much easier to activate an item like later the ruined King against a target in the midst of battle once you get the hang of using the number keys to activate your items.

You’ll find that some items are much more critical than others and you’ll want an easier way of activating those items I like to rewire those items to activate on the space bar as the spacebar is much easier to reach and smash in the middle of a team fight I find this change works best for items like the mercurial scimitar and the Zhonya’s hourglass attacking opponents can be challenging because you have to right-click or press a and then left-click exactly on top of the opponent target if you miss clicked you’re going to be running towards them which can end in disaster to improve upon this change the setting player attack move to click to the key you can now press a and left-click anywhere around you to attack the nearest target the advantage of this change is that you do not need to exactly click on enemy targets.

Basic attacks on opponents by simply clicking

Now you can use basic attacks on opponents by simply clicking near them now I know this was a lot of information to digest so here is a quick summary of all the key points we went over the key objectives for winning any game of League we went over the early game the mid-game and the late game along with when they start and what your goals are we event over the various kinds of champion classes and subclasses along with recommended champions and rune pages.

We went over the abilities of champions have and the recommended skill order we went to our recommended items and how to build items that work with your champions kit we went over the significance of vision wards we went over toxicity and how to deal with it and lastly changes to the game interface to make it much easier to play the game.


Hopefully this article gives you all the information that you need to know to hit the ground running as you get started with League if you have any questions about the content in this article leave them in the comments below and I’ll respond when I can if you love these article and want to read more do hit the bookmark button the next article comes out if you want to improve your in-game decision-making take a look through the playlists on the left and if you want to learn some League strategies take a look through the RedditLoL on the right you can also follow on Twitter.

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